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Unifying their voices in support of women and families, the California Legislative Women's Caucus (LWC) today hailed its legislative priorities under four pillars aimed at protecting and advancing their rights and opportunities for women and working families. The LWC also called on the Governor to keep his promise from last year to families by increasing childcare provider rates and childcare slots for the unmet needs of 85% of working Californians.

Congress establishes the number of House members by enacting legislation

The bipartisan, bicameral Rural Caucus was formed in January, 2003, to address policy issues and concerns of rural areas and communities in the State of California. The needs of rural areas can, and have in the past, been either ignored or not prioritized by the State Legislature. Rural legislators lack political clout and the numbers needed to compete with the more powerful legislators that represent urban areas. Representation by the Rural Caucus will serve to ensure a voice for rural communities, which will be a focal point and direct avenue for rural residents and organizations to carry their message, concerns and needs to the entire California State Legislature.

The bicameral legislation was led by ..

The bicameral legislature in states is a means of maintaining checks and balances in legislation

To kick-off Women's History Month in March, the California Legislative Women's Caucus partnered with Governor Jerry Brown's office to host real-life Rosie the Riveters at the State Capitol.Eight women who worked at the Richmond shiyard during World War II were honored on the Assembly and Senate floors during session.