The Avro arrow is the equivalent of the F35 of then.

The photograph referred to as "Death Row" in the "Arrow" book shows the 5 completed Mk. 1's with #202 on the outside right side. It appears in overall white with no red markings. (It never was painted in day-glo.) All of the other Arrows wore red day-glo at the end of their life. After the cancellation of the project and the destruction of the aircraft. #202 seems to be the first to be hacked up. Although it had not flown since its accident on Nov. 11, 1958, it had been scheduled for flight testing of the Hughes MA-1 fire control electronic system in mid-May, 1959.

 Its role was to replace the Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck as a supersonic all weather interceptor.

The newest injection kits of the Avro Arrow are the easiest to build. Hobbycraft Canada's kits are produced in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales. The smaller scale Avro Arrow model (HC 1392) was the first to be released in 1986 and subsequently reworked. Hobbycraft Canada is a marriage of a Canadian marketing firm and a Korean kit manufacturer.

Avro Arrow." The Canadian Encyclopedia.

No weathering is needed since RL-203 only accumulated 13 1/2 hours flight time before the Avro Arrow project was scrapped. All the tires on this aircraft were painted black and white on the outer edges, possibly for photo recognition. In the later test period, extended exhaust cones also appeared. Check references carefully for the exact details.

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This probably sounds like a pie in the sky Arrow version,
and that is what I thought until I read Avro documents
pointing out that Curtis Wright had this basic ramjet
sitting on their shelves as paid for surplus, since they
had been designed for the NAVAHO missile programme, which
had been cancelled.

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3 could maintain Mach 3 for 20 minutes.)
Avro was then approached again by either the RCAF or Canadian
government to propose a higher performance Arrow for the
USA, which they did.

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also appear to have pointed out that there was no way Avro
would get any American contracts because the technology
would find its way to Britain through the Hawker Siddeley

By Richie and Arien The Pros of canceling the Avro Arrow project

to come in
with us during the next two months, before November when
we go to the government
It seems clear from what remains of the paper
trail (most given to me by Avro people) that the Americans
again declined on the Arrow 2 and also the Arrow 3, because
they couldn't maintain Mach 3 long enough.

Cons of cancellation of the Avro Arrow

(This appears
to have become the heat shield for Mercury and Gemini.)
At that time however, they were only specifying a combat
speed for the Mk.3 of Mach 2.5 since even Avro was then
overestimating the drag of the Arrow airframe.