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I have found that my audience is more women than men, but both audiences have very dedicated fans. The books were written for adults, though I tried to be sensitive to a wide audience so wrote it with that in mind, including teens. Genre is difficult to pin down. As I said earlier, the books read like historical fiction but are no doubt fantasy, even if not traditional fantasy. There is no magic, no dragons or other fantastical beasts. Everything is based in reality. Readers of historical fiction should feel right at home with the books however, because I love history and historical fiction and attempted to inject the feel of that genre into my writing. I often tell people that my books echo historical fiction even if they aren’t history. More than that though, if you love deep characters, evocative settings, and a good plot, it doesn’t matter what genre you read. You’ll enjoy the books!

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"Agents, publishers and authors are all going to have to be much more cautious in the way they approach the nonfiction market," Mr. Kirshbaum said. "Traditionally, publishers have not done fact-checking and vetting. But I think you are going to see memoirs read not only from a libel point of view but for factual accuracy. And where there are questions of possible exaggeration or distortion, the author is going to need to produce documentation."

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This book will drive you to the pits of Hell and raise you to the heights of Heaven Mary, an aboriginal girl births her baby Tom alone.

Kassia is sort of like a caged tiger. She is emotionally ragged and lashes out at the world in response to trouble. At the beginning of her story, she is very fragile and therefore acts recklessly. Her defense mechanism is anger. Irisa, on the other hand, is softer, gentler. She is quiet and observant. She has less emotional turmoil inside her even if she is also fragile at the beginning. Irisa approaches the world with a more measured, thoughtful manner and is exceedingly practical. She already has a quiet strength, but as the book progresses, she learns to spread her wings a bit. By the end of their respective stories, both sisters have arrived at a similar place despite the dissimilar methods of getting there.

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"An author brings his book in and says that it is true, it is accurate, it is his own," Ms. Talese said. "I thought, as a publisher, this is James's memory of the hell he went through and I believed it."

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But Ms. Winfrey pointed out that her producers had asked about reports of the book's truth in September, after the Hazelden counselor raised doubts, and that they were reassured by Random House.

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In a statement issued yesterday afternoon, Random House's Doubleday and Anchor Books divisions, which published the book in hardcover and paperback respectively, said they were delaying the printing and shipping of any more copies of "A Million Little Pieces" to include statements from both the publisher and the author noting that "a number of facts have been altered and incidents embellished."

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In a statement, Penguin said it was considering what action to take regarding its book. About a contract it recently signed for two more books from Mr. Frey, the company said: "The ground has shifted. It's under discussion."

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Ms. Winfrey said that she had had her producers ask the publisher about the allegations, but that they were reassured the book was accurate. She had harsh words during the broadcast for the publisher, Ms. Talese, who said that neither she nor anyone at Doubleday had investigated the accuracy of Mr. Frey's book. She said the company first learned that parts of the book had been made up when The Smoking Gun published its report, nearly two years after the memoir was first published.