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As we push back on these fears, we must also be less stingy with our words. We can relinquish the air quotes when we refer to friendship break-ups, or the melancholy of being dumped by a woman who mattered to us. When we belittle friendship heartbreak, we imply that the most legible forms of love are those that adhere to traditional practices and rituals. Hearts shatter every day for all manner of tragedies; it’s both limiting and invasive to dismiss this pain as less than because it is not heterosexual love.

In other cases, museums will facilitate discussions in front of each piece of art.

Deelname is op uitnodiging en alleen voor ervaren TD-dansers wanneer er plaatsen beschikbaar zijn.
Ben je van mening dat jij hier bij hoort, meld je hier persoonlijk aan:

Het mooie van de Tantric Dance intimi, is dat je de controle 'mag verliezen'. Dat je tegen een 'grens' aanloopt waar je normaal gesproken voor terug zou deinzen. Pas als je op die grens bent beland: dan begint je Spiritual Practise... Dan pas wordt je uitgedaagd jezelf opnieuw uit te vinden. Nieuwe keuzes die leiden tot bevrijding. Bevrijding van oude conditioneringen. Spiritualiteit en Seksualiteit gaan in de Tantric Dance hand in hand. Rakesh & Esther zijn er om die Sacred Space te bewaren. Het zijn niet zomaar gezellige of gewaagde dans middagen, het is bedoeld voor transformatie- to 'open to the Divine', dit is de insteek van de Intimi groep, and we love it!

Deelname aan de groep betekend een commitment van meerdere keren op een vaste locatie die persoonlijk bekend zal worden gemaakt.

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Some museums pick 5 pieces of art, others may concentrate on 1 or 2 - while yet others will give more options.

There was also a buyers’ market for conceptual art, in which the image is an idea. An example in the Vogel collection was a few inches of frayed rope with a nail through it; another was a black cardboard square with the definition of the word “nothing” printed on it in white.

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And neither was it here. All those times I’d been gripped by the fear that it was my behavior that would end a friendship, this time it was true. I’d fretted over burdening my friends—saddling them with my anxieties without sufficiently alleviating theirs—and that was precisely what I had done. What’s more, my constant worrying over the weight of my emotional burden, while never meant as manipulation, was nonetheless as bad as the imbalanced relationship itself. How could someone articulate her own needs freely if she was forever pussyfooting around mine? I had simply taken too much without paying attention. I thought I had been Rachel the Good Friend, but to somebody else, I had not.

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Later that night after emailing a farewell message, I groped in the dark for my headphones and listened for hours to songs I knew she and I both loved. I consoled myself with the thought that I wouldn’t be forced to see her and behave with polite familiarity, but that was cold comfort. Distance rarely tempers the sting of fraying friendship. When I closed my damp eyes, I saw her outline in the dark, walking away from me.

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I was gulping coffee in a café by the metro, absentmindedly poking around my phone before heading to a party. It was the weekend, and I wasn’t expecting any urgent emails. I certainly wasn’t expecting any messages from my absent friend.

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In the midst of friendship strife, I draw from a vocabulary underpinned by decades of loving women—decades washed in heady joy and devastation alike. I have learned to say, “She broke my heart” without pause because I no longer give credence to that diminishing phrase, “just a friend.”