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It should be noted that it is possible to write a campus carry law in a manner that allows universities to secure sensitive areas (speeches by visiting dignitaries, chemical storage facilities, biocontainment labs, etc.) with metal detectors and armed guards, so as to ensure that an area is gun-free in more than name only.

One topic that continues to make its way into our everyday lives is the epic “Gun Rights vs.

Although the second amendment gives the right to bear arms, guns should be controlled and monitored by the government because guns have contributed to a lot of killings in America and will increase crime rates.

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The unthinkable acts of violence from Aurora, Colorado to Newtown, Connecticut have only strengthened this call for sweeping changes to the way guns are used and regulated.

Guns on campus would lead to an escalation in violent crime

Since the United States has the highest number of deaths, it is important to have gun-control laws that restrict people from owning dangerous firearms like machine guns.

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In most states with ‘shall-issue’ concealed carry laws, the rate of concealed handgun licensure is between 1% and 3%. Therefore, statistically speaking, a packed 300-seat movie theater contains between three and nine individuals licensed to carry concealed handguns, and a shopping mall crowded with 1,000 shoppers contains between 10 and 30 individuals licensed to carry concealed handguns. Students who aren’t too afraid to attend movies or go shopping and who aren’t distracted from learning by the knowledge that a classmate might be illegally carrying a firearm shouldn’t be distracted from learning by the knowledge that a classmate might be legally carrying a firearm. To emphasize the point once more, these same students carry responsibly and without distracting others when they go to the movies and malls on the weekends. What changes when they step onto a college campus?

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Even assuming that this hypothetical dangerous person knew that an individual was carrying a concealed handgun, which is unlikely, there are much easier ways for a criminal to acquire a firearm than by assaulting an armed individual.

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Gun control needs to be implied more in our society because gun related crimes are mostly committed by those diagnosed with mental illnesses, there is no contradiction with the second amendment, it has the ability to lower the amount of mass sh...

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Some politicians are passionate about gun control and make voting decisions based upon on this issue alone; hence, the people we elect into office directly affect our lives.