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We are proposing to amend the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) regulations in response to a 2014 Farm Bill amendment to the Act that provides the Secretary of Agriculture with the authority to determine that animal dealers and exhibitors are not required to obtain a license under the Act and regulations if the size of the business conducting AWA-related...

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 (c 45) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom

The center, in fact, is used as a classroom for teaching animal care. For about 25 years, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has sent veterinary students into the center from for on-the-job training. Until recently, the university owned all of the animals. But decisions about their use and treatment are made by the center.

Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare - What you should know


John Klindt, a scientist who retired in 2008, defended his fellow researchers in an interview, saying they were mindful of animal health and comfort. “A vet has no business coming in and telling you how to do it,” he said. “Surgery is an art you get through practice.”

Activists were pressing to extend the Animal Welfare Act’s ..

We are amending the horse protection regulations to require horse industry organizations or associations that license Designated Qualified Persons to assess and enforce minimum penalties for violations of the Horse Protection Act (the Act). The regulations currently provide that such penalties will be set either by the horse industry...

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 sets out laws relating ..

Through our public awareness campaigns, more and more actively concerned individuals are becoming aware of the problems inherent in the breeding of wildlife in captivity and the use of animals in entertainment.

Animal welfare is not the same thing as animal rights

At PAWS Sanctuaries rescued animals live in peaceful, natural habitats, free from fear, chains, and harsh confinement. They are at complete liberty to act out natural behaviors in the comfort of their individually designed enclosures. are not bred, traded, sold, rented or forced to perform in any way. the entertainment industry, public officials and the general public in humane care and treatment of captive wildlife.

Animal welfare is the idea that animals deserve a ..

We are amending the Animal Welfare Act regulations to include more specific requirements in the regulations concerning the submission of itineraries by any person who is subject to the Animal Welfare Act regulations and who intends to exhibit any animal at any location other than the person's approved site when travel will extend overnight....

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We are amending the Animal Welfare Act regulations to add requirements for contingency planning and training of personnel by research facilities and by dealers, exhibitors, intermediate handlers, and carriers. We are taking this action because we believe all licensees and registrants should develop a contingency plan for all animals regulated...