Newly inaugurated Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, recently announced that the government will start to pay its civil servants by the end of the month9.

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The failure of the agricultural sector has been attributed to falling trade.

But in Angola, the story about the eggs fueled widespread ridicule and anger.

But he was eventually investigated by the Portuguese authorities for his role in the bank, the Angolan subsidiary of Portugal’s Banco Espírito Santo, which he headed for a decade until 2012. The bank was accused of misappropriating $5.7 billion by giving out loans — to the political elite and to Mr. Sobrinho himself — that were never repaid. Mr. Sobrinho has denied all accusations and has not been charged despite the long investigation.

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28/03/2016 · The deep economic and political crises in Angola

But the two nations’ relationship has now slipped into a tense and fluid period. Oil prices are down and Portugal’s economy is reviving, leading to a tweaking in the balance of powers between the two countries. And Mr. dos Santos is due to after Angolans elect a new president on Wednesday, leaving the future of those who have benefited from his four decades in power — both in Angola and in Portugal — unclear.

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Ms. dos Santos’s critics say she has tried to gain respectability in the West by using her ill-gotten gains in Angola and laundering them in Portugal — an accusation she rejects.