The Chinese consider adversity to be the best test of a relationship.

In "Chinese Kitchen" (Morrow, 1999),author Eileen Yin-Fei Lo says that dish is a Hunan classic called "chung ton gai," or"ancestor meeting place chicken." But to others, General Tso's chicken recipe may be nomore ancient than 1972, and may have more in common with Manhattan than withmainland China...."Around 1974, Hunan and Szechuan food were introduced to the city, and General Tso'sChicken was an exemplar of the new style.

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The eaters of the dumplings are portrayed as a pack of ravenous beasts who gulp them down so fast, the cook cannot turn them outfast enough."
---"Gradually Entering the Realm of Delight: Food and Drink in Early Medieval China,"David R.

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Overseas Chinese often can serve as a bridge for Westerners to access companies in China.

The stir-fried hash was invented, according to tradition, in a San Francisco restaurant during the wee hours one morning when a rowdy group of holidaying iners would not hear of the Chinese cook's plea that he had no food.

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212)"The French habit of serving everything drowned in sauces would repel a Chinese gourmet; heprefers to dip the food in sauce at will, thus keeping it crisp and controlling the amount of sauceper bite.

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Thisnew duck was appreciated outside of China...However, it was only in China, and indeed for along time only in Beijing, that the special dish known as Beijing kaoya (in China), Peking Duck(inEnglish), and canard laque (in French) was prepared." (description of dish follows)
---, Alan Davidson [Oxford University Press:Oxford] 1999 (p.

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It was a time of food shortages in Japan, and not only did Chinese food in general have a reputation forhigh nutrition, but ramen with its meat broth and meat topping offered more protein than most traditional Japanese noodledishes.

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Manydishes have their "official" dip sauce; in Cantonese food, examples would be chili-and-soy saucefor boiled prawns and vinegar for fresh crab; in Teochiu food, vinegar and freshly crushed garlicfor steamed goose, and a strange, fascinating sauce with a malt syrup base for certain types offishballs."
---"Modern China: South," , edited by K.C.

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This might conceivably explain why General Tso's Chicken is very much an overseasChinese dish, filtering the hot, peppery taste of Hunan cuisine, through the sweeteningprocess of Cantonese cooking.

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I told him that the dish known as General Tso's chcken was now perhaps the most popular Chinese dish in all of America...Cher Peng asked meif I had tried General Tso's chicken at his restaurant and if the versions in America were similar..."The American versions aresweet,"...he spoke again.