The American Revolution begins. Adam Smith publishes his .

Their hatred of humanity and the wickedness of their envisioned global and eternal police state should prepare us to expect them to employ every weapon at their disposal no matter how horrible. The recent media-friendly terrorist attack was the latest bit of theater in their final bid at world conquest. We can expect more such incidents, including even a nuclear detonation on American, which will precede the erection of a complete police state here in America, without which their plan for global conquest will not succeed.

 Still proceeding, the Russia investigation has up-ended the American political system.

Once again in America the drum beat has begun. It looks like we are going to unleash more death and destruction onto the people of Iraq. Once again, the pertinent questions are not being asked. One pertinent question would be, "What has Iraq ever done to us?” The answer is, “Nothing, except resist our attacks.”

, which sets the stage for America’s greatest financial scandal.

Columbus is named Admiral of the Ocean Sea and . The Incan Empire is at its peak in South America.

The “treaty” between Mexico and the USA, legitimating the USA's seizure, was signed in early 1848, and before the U.S. Senate even ratified the treaty, gold was found on John Sutter’s land, in today’s Sacramento. The USA's biggest gold rush was then underway, and the usual rabble got to California any way they could. Sailing around South America was one way, and going overland to California was another, which was by far the most common method for the more than 200,000 gold seekers that made it to California by 1852. The quickest and easiest way, however, was to sail to Colombia and go overland across the Isthmus of Panama. The USA signed a treaty with Colombia in 1846, as its empire began straddling North America, for rights to pass through the Isthmus and build a railroad across it, which was completed in 1857. The trip from New York to San Francisco was thereby shortened to about two weeks.

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The 1840s saw the ascendance of two cultural phenomena. One was xenophobia directed toward non-Anglo whites, and the other was a concept known as . An American diplomat, when making the case for annexing Texas, first used the term in 1845. It borrowed from the Jewish idea of a land promised to them by God and then killing the inhabitants to get it. Manifest Destiny provided a similar rationale for the USA, and even retroactively sanctified its vast murders. The Indians of eastern North America were gone, so American racism needed a new target, and the immigrants, even though their skin was white, served that purpose. On the frontiers however, there were still natives to eradicate, and the hatred could still be focused on dark-skinned subhumans.

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Native Americans developed more than three thousand varieties of potato, and the white man made fatal errors in adopting New World crops. The Irish came to depend solely on one variety of potato, which made the Irish subsistence crop vulnerable, and in 1845 a blight ripped through not only the Irish mono-crop, but also Europe’s, leading to a famine. However, the Irish famine was partly induced by the UK, as , similar to the . The Great Potato Blight and subsequent famine reduced Ireland’s population by more than a million, and initiated another great wave of migration to the New World.

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European powers were toying with intervention as the American empire threatened to fragment. The UK sent troops to Canada and France sent troops to Mexico, and both supported the South. The Czar of Russia sent his navy to the USA, anchored at New York and San Francisco, in a show of support for the North. Russia, the UK, and France were jockeying in those days for supremacy, and the ended a few years earlier, and with the USA's instability, the New World became a theater for European power jockeying, for a historical moment. Secretary of State Seward deftly handled the situation and avoided open war with Europe, especially in 1861 when a northern ship stopped and boarded the , a British ship, and seized two Southern diplomats bound for England. Seward, like his predecessors, grabbed what land he could, but failed with his plans to acquire Caribbean islands and Hawaii. His only success was “Seward’s Folly,” “buying” Alaska from the Czar of Russia.