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As mentioned above it is wise to respect the speed limits - please be aware of speed cameras, more information is available from this website;
- speed radars locations in france and other useful information regarding speed limits and law enforcement. If you do get caught for speeding then an immidiate cash penalty may apply, you may even be driven to the closest cash point. Please note Sat Navs with speed camera dtection are not allowed in France, you will need to turn this feature off if bringing you own GPS

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Violations are taken seriously in Germany. Therefore going above any speed limit could result in you paying a large fine. For exceeding the limits by more than 40kph you may lose your driver's licenses for a period of up to three months, plus a stiff fine.

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‘A number of European countries renew driving licences at age 80 or have no limit at all
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A conviction of a traffic offense within the first six months of having a license may result in a parent or guardian having to accompany the driver for six months or until the driver reaches age 17.

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Florida has a Zero Tolerance law for drivers under 21. This means that any driver under 21 that is stopped by law enforcement and has a blood alcohol level of .02 or higher will automatically have their Florida drivers license suspended for 6 months. The .02 limit really means that you cannot have a single drink and drive. And that's the idea.

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For drivers over 21 the legal limit in Florida is .08. Regardless of your age be aware that drinking and driving is considered a serious offense. Below we have summarized the penalties in the state of Florida for a first offense DUI, but the average cost including legal defense, fines, and auto insurance increases is $8000.

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For most rental locations in France you must be at least 21 years of age, but this is not always the case so be sure to ask us first!. If you are less than 25 years then an additional young drivers charge may apply. There is no upper age limit to hiring a car in France.

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In the event of a car accident, you must fill out a damage assessment form (you will find them in the glove compartment of your rental car or you may request it from your insurance company). It must be signed by the other party, and in the event of a dispute or a refusal to complete the form, you should immediately obtain a constat d'huissier. This is a written report from a bailiff (huissier). In the event of an dispute, call the police so that it can make out an official report. In the event of an injury, call the SAMU (15) or the fire brigade (18). The police are only called out to accidents when someone is injured, a driver is under the influence of alcohol or the accidents impedes traffic flow. Please notify your car hire office as soon as possible.