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In sum, a diverse body of research provides strong evidence that exposure to violence in the media can increase children's aggressive behavior in the short term. Some studies suggest that long-term effects exist, and there are strong theoretical reasons why this is the case. But many questions remain regarding the short- and long-term effects of media violence, especially on violent behavior. Despite considerable advances in research, it is not yet possible to describe accurately how much exposure, of what types, for how long, at what ages, for what types of children, or in what types of settings will predict violent behavior in adolescents and adults.

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2. Through this proceeding we seek comment and information along the following lines of inquiry. How much violent programming is there, and what are the trends? What are the effects of viewing violent programming on children and other segments of the population? If particular portrayals of violence are more likely to cause deleterious effects than others, what specific kinds of programming should be the focus of any further public policymaking in this area? Should any further public policymaking address all violence or just excessive or gratuitous violence, and how should that be defined? Are the ratings system and the V-chip accomplishing their intended purpose, or are there additional mechanisms that might be developed to control exposure to media violence? Finally, are there legal constraints on either Congress or the Commission to regulate violent programming?

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The risks to child development associated with exposure to family violence do not necessarily stop following the separation of the parents. This is due to the ongoing risk of family violence and its impact on parenting practices.

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Children generally experience more than one type of exposure to family violence. This may be different for each family, or for children within the same family, or at different times within the same family.

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17. We seek comment on the status of the existing rating and V-chip system as tools to help parents and viewers screen out violence. To what extent is programming in fact rated, using both the age-based ratings, and the additional content labels for violence? Are the ratings consistent and accurate? A 1998 Kaiser Family Foundation study indicates that, during the first year the ratings system was in use, only 20% of programs that contained violence, sexual material, or adult language actually used the appropriate content label. This same study found that 79% of violent programming is not specifically rated for violence.” Moreover, a 2001 Kaiser Family Foundation study indicates that 40% of parents who use the rating system do not believe programs are rated accurately. According to that study, more than half of all parents use the ratings system to decide what programming that their children may watch. In light of these findings, we seek comment on whether the lack of a content rating for violence renders ineffective any technology-based blocking mechanism, built into television sets, designed to limit violent programming.

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16. A regulatory system already exists to help parents and viewers control the exposure of children to media violence. The television industry rates programming using the TV Parental Guidelines, and encodes programming accordingly; in addition, the Commission has required that, by January 1, 2000, all television sets manufactured in the United States or shipped in interstate commerce with a picture screen of thirteen inches or larger be equipped with a “V-chip” that can be programmed to block violent, sexual, or other programming that parents believe harmful to their children.

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15. Finally, in the context of possible regulation in this area, we note that members of the House Commerce Committee have asked the Commission to examine whether it would be in the public interest for the agency to define “excessively violent programming that is harmful to children,” and if so, how we might do so. We also seek comment on how such a standard could be implemented in a manner that is both clear to the industry and practical to administer. We seek comment on these issues to be responsive to the Committee's concerns.