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Teenagers are just the same as everybody else, since they want to be cared for, loved and respected. Preventing such pregnancies doesn’t begin when a child gets to puberty, but that’s when most adults appreciate the onset of the possibilities of teenage pregnancy. Preventing teen pregnancy starts when a child is still young, since that is when parents should establish their relationship with their children.

“Teen pregnancy has major consequences when it comes to people in your life.

Working together to work out problems and devise approaches or prevention or what won’t result in stress or difficulties allows the teen the confidence to speak about serious subjects with their parents. Topics on sexuality are especially interesting and serious topics for youngsters, since their bodies are actually changing and they are not in control of sensations, reactions and emotions. Start a conversation about human maturation, how to practice birth control, consequences and options of unplanned pregnancies, responsibilities and costs of becoming a mother at an early age and also encourage them to read teen pregnancy articles.

Teen pregnancy: Medical risks and realities

Bear in mind that abortion is not and can never be a solution to teenage pregnancy. If you can be able to find out the side effects of abortion from teen pregnancy articles you would certainly think twice before attempting to do that. It’s obvious that abortion can poison the teen mother if parts of the aborted child have been left inside the womb of the mother.

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Most teenagers involve themselves in premature sexual behavior because of peer pressure. Teenagers growing in mostly promiscuous nations are likely to date much earlier than others in a little more conventional environment. This is because they feel the need to be trendy, modernized and accepted by their friends. The only way they can possibly achieve this would be by having a girlfriend or boyfriend at least indulging in sexual activities often or by dating. This sort of rash activities could lead to unplanned pregnancies.

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Most youngsters experience sudden and unknown feelings and emotions during their early teenage years. They also experience a natural sense of rebel against set norms. All this, accompanied with a sudden sense of sexuality and freedom, makes many of them give way to their feelings through sexual experiences and expressions. Certainly, most nations stress on sex tutoring in schools, yet, some teens involve themselves in unprotected sex, which end up causing unwanted pregnancies. This is among the most critical reasons for teen pregnancies today.

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It is proven that traditional approaches to reducing teenage pregnancy rates such as sex education class or better sexual health services are not effective on their own....

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There are several reasons for teen pregnancies. While it is a common culture in a few societies, most teen pregnancies occur because of the following reasons:

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Teenage pregnancy is accompanied with many negative consequences such as shortened educational experience, diminished employment, larger family size, increased risk of single- parent and poverty (Turner, 1990).