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There are a lot of language centers in Vietnam hiring Filipino teachers. But of course, don’t expect that you will get the same rate as that of the Native speakers. Nonetheless, there is a lot of opportunities to earn money here. You also have an option to teach in a Kindergarten. From what I’ve experienced, TEFL or TESOL cert is a plus but it is not actually a must especially if you are a professional teacher.

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history since the American Revolution have been developed by classroom teachers in partnership with National Archives and Records Administration education specialists.

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HiAm a Ghanaian but studied education in South Africa. Do I qualify to teach in Vietnam ?

Many thanks for taking the time to write such a comprehensive blog post on living and working in Vietnam. My boyfriend and I are both native English speakers form the U.S. (with degrees) excited to experience a new country and culture together!

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RUSSELL C. BROWN teaches history, economics, and humanities at Poudre High School (Fort Collins, CO). He was honored as the Outstanding Teacher of American History by the Colorado NSDAR in 2014.

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him to focus his interest in history on Vietnam

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All teachers, not just those in California, will benefit from the Model Lessons which include: background information, focus questions, pupil activities and handouts, assessment, and references to books, articles, web sites, literature, audio-video programs, and historic sites.

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Making the decision to pack up and move to Vietnam in search of English Teaching work, without ever having actually visited the country (or Asia for that matter), was one of the most nerve-racking things I’ve ever done. Armed with my 150 hours of TEFL training and a copy of my degree certificate, I was hoping for the best… and preparing for the worst.

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I had heard mixed reviews about Vietnam: the life threatening traffic, the barbaric practice of eating dog, the unhygienic food and questionable manners of the locals. I needn’t have worried. As true as a lot of this may be, I loved it as soon as I arrived.