The Outrage Of Child Labor In Bangladesh's Sweatshops

Maine Department of Labor
(enforces Maine child labor laws)
Bureau of Labor Standards
Wage and Hour Division
(TTY: Maine relay 711)
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Anyone can report a suspected child labor violation in writing to the Maine Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division or the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division.

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Q. Are the child labor laws any different if you are hiring your own son or daughter?
A. Work permit requirements, hours limitations and prohibited occupations rules apply even when hiring family members.

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As liberal students dragged anti-globalization/sweatshop concerns into the front of the public’s consciousness, no company for their labor practices than shoe manufacturer Nike. Led by assertive, largely unapologetic CEO Phil Knight, Nike played strong defense. They have pointed out that workers in Indonesia saw their minimum wage rise from under a dollar a day to over two in part to multinational hiring by companies like Nike and have told stories about Vietnam workers waiting outside the factory doors, hoping someone would quit so they could get a job. Eventually, all the bad publicity caught up with them and the company set up internal monitoring , working with protest groups to investigate claims of any abuse, mitigating ugly public pickets.

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Manhattan Chinatown sweatshops in the 1940s as the cheap rent of Chinatown attracted thousands of migrant workers. There workers are paid by the piece rather than hourly; in the early 1980s it was as little as (one 90-year-old woman was found working for a dollar an hour). That was also the point at which the Reagan government took a strong interest in prosecuting. The sweatshops have never really gone away, thriving on energetic labor from China looking to send money back home.

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Minors Who are Under 14: A minor under 14 years of age may not be employed, permitted or suffered to work in nonagricultural or agricultural employment, except for agricultural employment in the planting, cultivating or harvesting of field crops or other agricultural employment not in direct contact with hazardous machinery or hazardous substances as long as the employment is in accordance with rules adopted pursuant to section 772 and in accordance with 29 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 570. This section does not apply to any minor under 14 years of age employed in school lunch programs, if limited to serving food and cleaning up dining rooms, or in a business solely owned by the minor’s parents. A parent is prohibited from employing the parent’s minor child in occupations declared hazardous by the director.

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By 1850, had already cut down the number of hours children could legally work. British clergyman and agitator for social reform Charles Kingsley railed by creating the 1850 pamphlet “Kingsley described in detail the conditions and compared the clothing laborers to slaves. They were largely brought over from Ireland for a fee, and forced to labor away in rooms where the ceiling was too low to stand all the way. “If these men know how their clothes are made, they are past contempt,” he said of their customers, “it is their sin that they do not know it.” Sound familiar?