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It starts off with MC getting a call from 707 announcing he has set up a special game for her to play. For the first round you go visit Jaehee at C&R and she will talk about how 707 has changed before giving MC a cat shaped clock left by Seven, for you. Seven will then send MC a series of text messages before calling her and giving her the next hint, for this round you will go visit Jumin at his home, he'll give MC a doll, named brother, shaped like 707 that'll tell a bedtime story if you squeeze it. 707 will call and give MC the hint to go to the next place, Zen's house, upon getting their Zen will give MC a wrapped present from Seven that contains a homemade taser, for self defense. For the last round go to Yoosung's house, where you'll receive a box of chocolates. Your ending will now be determined.

707 takes MC out and they're show watching the stars, Seven will invite her to dance and as they're dancing he'll go on about how he's glad he met MC.707 takes MC back to his home and announces he's been watching her the whole time and has realized what she wants. He'll then start to unzip her dress, announcing how he wants to go farther in their relationship.

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Bad Relationship Ending 1 Summary :
On the 7th Day, when the player's visit to Zen's apartment comes to an end, she immediately decides to go home instead of staying. Zen relents and confesses that he wished she'd talk to him on the messenger more, as he feels they aren't as close as they could be.Jumin later asks the player if she convinced Zen to star in his cat food commercial, as that was the purpose of the visit. The player can only answer, "?? What was that?", indicating that she was not paying close attention to the discussions happening in the chatroom. Jumin explains to the player that while he understands she is busy, she needs to be active in order to organize the parties smoothly.Once player returns back to the apartment, she is approached by Unknown. He is disappointed at her lack of dedication and resolves to find someone better suited to running the parties. Meanwhile, he has no other choice than to kidnap the player and bring her to Magenta to re-educate her.Requirements:Bad Relationship Ending 2 Summary :
On the night of the 10th Day, Zen does not arrive in time to save the player. Unknown breaks into the apartment via the window. When the player asks who he is, he describes himself as an angel ready to save her from this "boring game." He says that he can tell that the player is bored of waiting and replying without getting anything in return, and he promises her skills will be more valuable at Mint Eye. Assuring her that he is not a kidnapper, Unknown asks her to follow him into Magenta, a place of paradise, where she will be much more appreciated and loved than she currently is now, and promises to protect her.As Unknown takes the player away, he takes off his mask and speaks in his normal voice. He is excited that the player is now "his" and tells her that where he will be taking her is much more fun than the "game" she is playing. They set off to Mint Eye together.Requirements:

Greatest Movie Plot Twists, Film Spoilers and Surprise Endings

It was interesting hearing Blizzard talk about its other new game Overwatch at BlizzCon this year—Chris Metzen in particular was out there saying how it brought new energy to the company, how it made the company feel like it did twenty years ago, et cetera. That sort of talk makes me wonder if Blizzard is just sick of making real-time strategy games. It wouldn't be too surprising, considering its other properties are an MMORPG, an action RPG, a collectible card game, and now a shooter.

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Summary :
Zen and the player arrive to the party and Zen notes that the crowd is smaller than he thought. Immediately after, they meet up with Jaehee and Yoosung. Yoosung has called a witness in to help prove Zen's innocence, while Seven is working on his computer in the backstage. Zen asks Yoosung to watch over the MC while he delivers his statement. Jaehee opens the party with a welcoming greeting, and introduces Zen, who denies all the accusations he received and shares old social media posts made by Echo Girl. The witness, who happened to be the vendor of goldfish-shaped bread Zen had bought from on the 7th Day, describes his encounter with Echo Girl. This clears most of the doubts from the public. Jumin comments that everything is going exactly as he hoped.When asked whether he is currently in a relationship, Zen hesitates, saying it is irrelevant and ends the press conference. After being congratulated by Jumin, Jaehee and Yoosung, Zen goes outside the party hall with the player and confesses he couldn't tell the truth about her on stage. He promises he will let the world know about their relationship once he succeeds more as an actor and reassures the player that his feelings towards her are not insignificant.Requirements: