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"The value of the post-conviction polygraph seems undisputed among thosewho use it" and those jurisdictions thatnow use it report that they could not get along without it.The polygraph has become an important asset in treatment and supervision,providing independent information about compliance and progress.

Some parents even educate their children on the use internet as part of parental supervision

In the absence of these tools,and in an environment in which decisions must be made regarding which offendersshould be supervised more intensively, many agencies must use their collectiveexperience to develop tools to help them make these classification decisions.

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Rousmaniere (2016) reports the efficacy of remote live supervision using internet videoconferencing

The use of the case management team allows the probation officer to communicateroutinely with others who are more familiar with the offender’s day-to-dayactivities.

Where utilized, the case management team typically consists of a supervisionagent, treatment provider, and polygraph examiner.

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The experiences of probation and parole agencies across the nation indicatethat sole reliance on commonly used supervision practices (e.g., scheduledoffice visits, periodic phone contact, and community service requirements)does not adequately address the unique challenges and risks that sex offenderspose to the community.

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In the event of staff reassignment, a new supervision agent should beable to use the case plan to understand an offender’s needs, issues, andcurrent supervision conditions.

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Supervision agents should continuallyassess whether the conditions assigned to sex offenders appropriately addresstheir current patterns of behavior (including social interactions) andliving conditions.

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Other areasthat should be explored in greater depth when interviewing a sex offenderinclude the offender’s relationship history, past physical and sexual abusethe offender has experienced, and the ages and genders of offender’s childrenor stepchildren.