Medea / translation and notes by A.J

Background of Medea
1-Befriend Jason so nothing will be suspected.

2-Send her children with poisoned gifts to Jason's new wife.

3-Kill her own children; fore, she thinks this is the best way to get back at Jason.

4-Medea will flee Corinth to Athens, in mourn of her children.
Medea's plan(in steps)
Euripides was born on the island of Salamis in 480B.C.E.

He was trained to be an athlete, because his father was told by an oracle that he will have a honorable, well respected son.

The desertion of his wife, lead Euripides to write tragedies.

Jason tries to convince Medea to hand the bodies over so he can bury them, but Medea refuses.

Thus, the Athenian audience would have automatically aligned their sympathies with Jason instead Medea, and Medea would have been labeled the villain from the start.

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Its not enough to say her feelings were hurt and she lashed out, you have to look at, analyze, and breakdown, Medea's life and experiences.

Greek Drama
At first Medea is going back and forth about her plan, but in the end she goes with it.

When the messenger delivers the news about the acceptance of the gifts, and the death of Creon and his daughter, it is time for Medea to to the hardest part of her plan, kill her children.

When the deed was done, Jason was destroyed.