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While many students in public school may be able to easily afford uniforms, there are families with lower incomes who may have difficulty affording the required clothing.

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The most important reason schools do not have a standardized dress code or school uniform policy is the resistance schools would receive from parents and students. This resistance could be devastating to the morale of a school. There will be many parents and students who will state that their freedom of expression rights are being jeopardized. Free expression results in more knowledgeable and competent decisions being made that will make everyone better off. Strike, Haller, & Soltis (1998) state through the principle of benefit maximation that the best decision is the one that benefits the maximum amount of persons. In their principle of equal respect they also contend that people cannot be treated at though they were nothing more than instruments. Therefore, it is important to include parents and students in the process. Usually a presentation to a parent organization is a viable place to begin. A committee of interested parents, students, and teachers should be established. It may be effective for representatives of parents, students, and teachers to visit other schools with established written dress code policies. Parents and students should review samples of dress uniforms. Consideration should be given to having students model uniforms in a "style show" format. The legal ramifications of establishing a school uniform policy should be examined as well. Parents should be the prime initiators behind suggesting a school uniform policy. But it is also paramount to involve the students in the selection process.

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Children are living, free thinking individuals whose rights must be protected, with or without uniforms. There have not been enough studies done to totally indicate that the wearing of uniforms will consistently create positive behavioral changes in student behavior. School uniforms may not work in every community. What may work well in an inner city, may not be necessary in a suburb (McMillan, 2000.) I do not believe that uniforms should be considered as a way to fix every school problem. But if they help teachers to get on with the business of teaching and learning, it may be in a school’s best interest to keep an open mind about looking at them as a possible alternative.

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School uniform supporters are enthusiastic about the positive changes that have been observed in students who wear school uniforms. The wearing of uniforms affects students’ perceptions of school climate. Students are made to feel as if they are a part of a team by wearing a uniform. School climate is improved considerably because kids perceive that they fit in because they look like everybody else (Kaiser, 1985.) If students were dressed in uniforms, there would also not be the distraction of revealing clothing that often appears in the hallways of our public schools (Harrod, 1997.)

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4. Students who are made to wear a school uniform are not able to freely express their tastes or individual style.
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Uniforms were once the trademarks of private and parochial schools. But public schools have recently shown a marked increase in the number of schools that have adopted uniform policies. The National Association of Elementary School Principals has reported that 10% of public school principals surveyed reported that their schools had adopted a uniform policy. There were another 11% who were strongly considering adopting such a policy. According to the NAESP survey, principals felt that school uniforms offered many positive benefits to their students. Students are able to stay more focused and disciplined throughout the school day. Principals reported that children often feel less social pressure when everyone in the school dresses the same way. Uniforms act as social equalizers. Students who can not be fashionable due to limited family finances are made to feel more comfortable among their peers (2000 NAESP Survey.)

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Additionally, some uniforms may conflict with a student's religious beliefs and practices regarding proper attire
Another disadvantage of uniforms is that they can be too expensive for some, Some schools claim that school uniforms are less expensive for parents; however, school uniforms generally mean an additional cost for parents, who now have to purchase different types of clothing for their children to wear in and out of school.