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So let's explore those hilarious stereotypes that our friends across the pond in the good ol' US of A probably consider to be fairly "definitive" of the British.

7 Marks of A Stereotypical American Christian

I arrived in San Diego on Saturday evening and took the shuttle bus from the airport to the impressive off airport car centre. Within 30 minutes I was sat inside my rented 5.0 litre V8 Chevy Camaro convertible. From the outside it looked cool and it sounded especially good when my foot went to the floor. In a straight line it felt decent but around corners it was typically hopeless – the stereotypical American car. Basically it was all front. I liked it. But then I discovered that the only people in California who drive Convertible Camaro’s are tourists. But I still liked it. A lot. It’s true I’d fallen in a tourist trap, one that I’d tried so hard to avoid. Later after I got in my own car at home I realised just how close American cars resemble the feeling of driving a soggy sponge.

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