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James Smythe: Written when King's addictions were at their height, this novel is something of a mess – but the pain on the page is important

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: Also known as "Stan the Man." Stan is the skeptical, bookish Jewish member of the group (Uris does, however, admit that his family takes a relaxed approach to their faith, rather than practicing it devoutly). Logic, order, and cleanliness are deeply ingrained in his psyche. He is the least willing to accept that It actually exists and relies on logic more than anything else. Stan, much like Mike, is racially persecuted by Henry. As a kid, his main hobby was birdwatching. He later becomes a partner in a large Atlanta-based accounting firm, and it is hinted that he is the only member of the Losers (aside from Mike) to possess any memory of what happened in 1958. However, in keeping with being the character least able to accept the supernatural and the non-rational, he commits suicide by slitting his wrists and writing "IT" with his own blood while taking a bath upon receiving Mike's phone call. Rather than return to Derry to face the ancient terror, despite being the one to slice the Losers' palms in a blood oath, his character is simply unable to endure the horror as an adult.

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: Also known as "Big Bill." His brother George was murdered by It in 1957. Bill feels somewhat guilty about the murder because he'd been the one who sent George outside to play where he was killed. Ever since George died, Bill has been partially ignored by his parents. Beverly Marsh develops an intense crush on him during their time in the Losers Club and when the group returns to Derry in 1985 they sleep together but do not carry their relationship any further. He is the most determined and resourceful of the Losers and is the one who, both in 1958 and 1985, confronts It in the Ritual of Chüd and eventually destroys It. As an adult, he marries Audra Phillips, a successful actress bearing a strong resemblance to Bev. As with other King characters , , , , , , and numerous others, in 1985 Bill is a writer.

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In late July, Eddie is hospitalized after an attack by Henry Bowers and several of his friends. Spying on them, Beverly witnesses one of the bullies, Patrick Hockstetter, trying to empty a refrigerator which he had been using to trap and kill small animals, only to be killed by It in the form of flying bloodsucking leeches. Later, the Losers discover a message from It written in Patrick's blood warning them that It will kill them.

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On writing schedule and work ethic: When King’s writing, he writes every day—including Christmas and the Fourth of July. King suggests 4–6 hours of writing a day, every day. His personal goal is 10 pages a day (2,000 words). The new writer is given a more modest goal of 1,000 words per day with one day off each week.

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The heart of King’s book is the section “On Writing.” Here he doles out so many helpful pieces of advice that the margins of my book are full of check marks. Here’s a small sample:

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This book not only met my expectations, but exceeded them because of how much King has crammed into a single volume of less than 300 pages. Originally published in 2000, this book includes many glimpses into his own writing life. In the opening “CV” section, we learn about King’s personal life, starting with the story of how he went through a long patch of alcoholism and drug addiction and, after a family intervention, emerged clean and sober. In the afterword, he describes how, while taking a walk in 1999, he was hit by a van. Badly injured, he was airlifted to the hospital and endured long months of physical therapy. During his rehabilitation, he pushed himself through pain to finish On Writing. After reading that harrowing tale, we can only ask ourselves: What’s our excuse for not getting our writing done?

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Before King became rich and famous, he taught grammar as part of a high school business English class. It’s refreshing to find a best-selling writer who’s been around a long time harping on grammar—although he doesn’t go into it in detail in the book. If you would want to learn all about grammar, he recommends Warriner’s English Grammar and Composition.