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It was close to midnight by the time she heard tires coming up the long gravel pathway. The car stopped at the front of the house, doors closed and footsteps approached the front door.

She waited and listened as they entered, giggling and whispering to each other, though their words were drowned by the distance and the walls between them. They lingered for a while in the reception area, her Loubutins clacking against the hardwood floor. Then their sounds became louder. They were climbing the stairs. He was ready to spend the night. Stephanie wondered whether Snyde would bring him to a different room, one of the other luscious boudoirs. Maybe she intended to make her wait all night...

But the door clicked open and the candle flames dotted around the room waved gently as it closed. Stephanie's hair rose on her neck. She couldn't see her mistress but she could hear her come in. And she could hear her date walking in with her.

"Make yourself at home," came the familiar husky feminine English voice.

"Thanks, I'll do that. Nice place." A man's voice. Deep and cheerful. Stephanie thought it sounded familiar but remained frozen, facing the wall. "Hey is..."

He stopped, abruptly. He'd finally noticed her. Stephanie stayed still, breathing heavily, hoping the stranger might bolt for the door or better yet, call the police. But the seconds passed and he did nothing. She could feel his eyes staring into her naked back. She could feel them wandering down, drinking in the sight of her exposed backside.

Snyde's heels went to the sofa. "What, you didn't believe me when I said I could make her do that? It wasn't a joke. You deserve to share in this."

"You weren't kidding, were you?" the man said in awe. Stephanie could swear she'd heard that voice before. But where?...

"Sit down, sweetheart. Get comfortable." The sofa rustled and the man let out a deep sigh. "Slave, crawl over here."

Stephanie took a deep breath and finally turned, crawling towards the couple on the couch. As she did, she looked up and saw Madame Snyde's handsome date.

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Excellent story! I love long tales like this, with one humiliation piled atop another, growing and growing...

You've done an excellent job, and touched on a few of my own favorite little kinks, like the breast enlargement and tattoos, and the petplay elements too. Thank you for such a wonderful story!

It reminds me of "Second Place" by Terri Madison. A great long tale of humiliation and mind control.

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