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Small businesses require a significant financial investment and the funds aren’t always available at the start of the business. Therefore, many new business owners seek options of obtaining additional funding from sources that won’t require an immediate repayment or when possible any repayment at all. Grants are an ideal solution.

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Once a woman comes up with an idea, creates her business plan, and begins to put it into action, she will be well on her way to making a new life for herself. Her next call of action will be to get funding. Above are some examples of funding resources for women entrepreneurs. There are several more like these to be found. All of the research and forms to be filled out will be worth it in the end when she is running her own business.

VC 100: The Top Investors in Early-Stage Startups

Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative - World Bank

Many grants made available for small businesses are created as somewhat of a motivational tool. The idea is to create a sense of desire for entrepreneurs to move forward and start a business of their own. It is also an effective tool used to encourage expansion of existing small businesses. There are several sources available to help you to determine if you or your small business qualifies for a grant.