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After the Battle of Yorktown and the capitulation of Lord Cornwallis in October 1781, Sir Guy Carleton was appointed Commander-in-Chief, North America on February 22, 1782, and he arrived in New York City on May 6, 1782, succeeding Sir Henry Clinton.

In August, Carleton was informed that Britain would grant the United States its independence.

Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School, Ottawa, Ontario

In 1758 he was made the lieutenant colonel of the newly formed 72nd Regiment of Foot.

He became a friend of James Wolfe.

Seven Years War
Brigadier general James Wolfe selected Carleton as his aide in the upcoming attack on Louisburg.

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Governor GeneralSir Guy Carleton was the 21th Governor General of Quebec He was the Governor General of Quebec twice.

When Carleton renounced his own fees, James Murray was furious.

After James Murray resigned his position, Carleton was appointed Captain General and Governor in Chief on April 12, 1768.

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He was the 23rd Governor General of Canada from 1786-1798
Why was Guy Carleton Important
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Sir Guy Carleton
Where did he live and when was he born?
He was born on September 3, 1724 in Strabane, Ireland
He lived there for awhile until he moved to Canada.

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The King's Name Project was a project of the Sir Guy Carleton Branch, United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada, Ottawa, Canada. The purpose of the project was to index, selectively, names of loyalists and associated people found in the British Headquarters Papers. The project involved several researchers reading the microfilm and creating an index card, containing pertinent information, for each loyalist name. There are about 50,000 index cards available covering names from A to Z.

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He died on November 10 1808 in Maidenhead, England
Guy Carleton was important because he was part of the government and he was in 3 wars.

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John Brown, an agent for the Boston Committee of Correspondence, arrived in Montreal to persuade the inhabitants to revolt.

Carleton arrived back in Quebec on September 18, 1774.

American Revolution
Carleton received notice of the start of the rebellion in May 1775, soon followed by the news of the rebel capture of Crown Point and Fort Ticonderoga.

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The Indians were willing to fight on the British side, and London wanted them to fight, but Carleton turned their offer down because he was worried about the Indians attacking non-combatants.

In 1775 he repelled the American attack on Quebec.