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Hi idiot if u don’t understand it does not mean that whatever I understand by his explanation that should not be appreciated ok……….first understand it and then later Speak about others…..and u better learn how to speak to a girl rather than learning the story first

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Maya wasn't amused. "It probably just shorted out somewhere. I hope it's nothing too serious after all the work Martin put into it."

Cindy sniffed the air with a disgusted look on her face. "My hair dryer smelled like that when the fan went. That's the smell of a dead motor."

"Looks like my cell phone is dead too. Weird. I just charged it last night. What time is it anyways?"

"I have a quarter after six."

"Wow. Really?"

"When I saw how late it was getting, I picked up a veggie pizza on the way back. The roads were a little better," said Cindy.

"I'm pretty hungry now that you mention it. Tony's?"

"No, the place at the mall, Dominick's. I still get my mall employee discount there. I got some great prices on the clothes, including a couple lucky finds on the clearance rack. She'll look great."

"Plus it's a lot cheaper when you don't need shoes," Maya laughed.

Sue was tired of being left out of the conversation and of being treated like a child. She tried her voice again, but the words that came out sounded like baby talk.

"Looks like she's getting her voice back a little." Cindy watched closely as Maya finished getting dressed, as if taking notes--or sizing up the competition.

Maya winked covertly at Cindy. "Yeah, we should hurry. I want to get the chastity belt back on her before she can try to talk us out of it or whine too much."

Sue recognized Maya's twisted style of teasing, regardless of catching a hint of a smile. Yet since she was still strapped down, with the chastity belt the logical reason behind her continued helplessness, the attempted humor fell flat, seeming more gloat than tease.

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Really enjoying this story, keep it going. Can't wait to see how this goes
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Edwards Preparatory School in the 1950's
The setting is integral to the story because it draws a connection to author's experience at boarding school
The time period reflects the norm in England of sending children to boarding school
Changing the setting would cause a loss in connection with Penelope Lively
If the time period or setting changed then the story's themes of fear and snobbery would change as well
Penelope Lively's short story "Next Term We'll Mash You" is a story about a young boy whose parents are looking for a school for him to attend in the fall.