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Skip ahead to May 2002 when they rented a home with a pool for a weekend in the San Fernando Valley. They hired 20 or so aspiring female thespians and one young German fella to perform skits. This time there was a tad more organization, but just a tad.

Amy I. Nathanson, PhDLecturer, University of California at Santa Barbara

Adolescents and emerging adults watch a great deal of television and research shows that they are exposed to a steady stream of messages about sex and sexuality, the vast majority of which do not contain important messages about safe and healthy sexual behavior. Research finds that young people learn information about sex from watching television and that their attitudes about sexual topics, including sexual health, can be influenced. Evidence is mounting that watching sex on television is linked to both initiation of and advancement in sexual behaviors. This chapter will review the evidence on sexual socialization effects with an emphasis on the role of the context of a sexual portrayal in the effects process. The importance of gender and race in the effects process will also be highlighted and potential positive effects of sexual content in the media will also be discussed.

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Violence in television programming overall. In Center forCommunication and Social Policy (Ed.), , Volume 2 (pp. 3-204). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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Through the end of 2003, all through 2004 and into 2005 they continued hiring new talent, shooting new skits and editing. But something was changing. Entertainment on the ‘net’ seemed to be coming back.

Got hot'n'bothered in Germany? Watch this and other

Once inside the pitch room, it was the same story. Most didn’t know what to make of it. They were people from the film industry, but Sexy, Silly Television was TV. It was the wrong industry.

Meanwhile and to their amazement, Don and Marcelo walked around with their new fangled viewing devise showing their little ‘demo’ to everybody. The writers couldn’t take their eyes off it. While everybody else had only story ideas in their head or on paper, Don and Marcelo had already produced a 30-minute show.

conducted an experiment with children in Milwaukee who ranged inage from 5 to 15. All of the children in the experiment received booklets that were designed toresemble a . More specifically, the booklets contained the titles of fictional movies anddescriptions of their major story lines. All of the children read the same titles and descriptions; however, one group of children was told that one of the movies they read about was rated G,another group of children was told that the same movie was rated PG, another group was told itwas rated PG-13, another group was told it was rated R, and finally, thefifth group did not receive any information about the program's rating.

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In early 2005 they brought on board two male actors to offer more diversity to the show. Comedian Rob Little was featured in a comical “spec spot”. (A spec spot is a commercial produced for the purpose of selling it to the prospective sponsor / client or it’s ad agency.)

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A hundred or so aspiring writers stood in line waiting for the chance to pitch their story ideas to talent agents and industry reps. They held their briefcases and binders close to themselves in ultimate secrecy.