The main aims of tan HIV and AIDS campaign should be:

In order to compile the list of effective programs, Mathematica reviewed over 190 program evaluations and research articles and identified 28 programs that met its strict criteria. While programs had to be proven effective in “reduc[ing] teenage pregnancy, behavioral risks underlying teenage pregnancy, or other associated risk factors” in order to qualify for Tier 1 TPPI funding, many of the 28 programs that met the strict criteria were originally designed as HIV- or STD-prevention programs, while several others are broad youth development programs. Of the 28 programs selected, 23 include sexuality education as one component.

Almost all (91.5%) were well-versed about HIV/AIDS and modes of transmission.

In South Africa, the underlying causes of the rapid spread of AIDS include social and economic factors such as poverty, lack of access to health and social services, migrant labour, sex workers, the low status of women, illiteracy, lack of formal education, stigma and discrimination. The high rate of rape also exposes women to HIV. The national plan addresses all these issues.

AIDS Education and Prevention, 22(4): 299-311.

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Among its many provisions, the legislation created the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP), which, among other things, provides young people with medically accurate and age-appropriate sex education in order to help them reduce their risk of unintended pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and other STDs through evidence-based and innovative programs.

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It is not always in the best interests of the people to continue to follow the cultural rules, such as in Uganda where HIV prevention education confronted cultural mores that had led to behaviors which were high risk for HIV transmission, and in some poverty-stricken, overpopulated parts of the world where women have many children despite not wanting any more because of cultural pressures.

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Solicit suggestions from students and list them on the board under the following categories: approaches to sex education, access to contraceptive services, access to information (about pregnancy prevention, how the reproductive system works), skill at obtaining and using birth control, attitudes and beliefs about adolescent sexuality.

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The primary goals of sex education should be to help young people develop a healthy lifetime sexuality, to have healthy values regarding their sexuality, to evaluate and look for positive relationships, to gain competency in life management skills, to delay the onset of first intercourse, to prevent unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

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- (): "The frozen body of a boy prostitute who died in 1969 from something"highly unusual" was later found infected with a strain of HIV, pushingback the first recorded AIDS case in the United States by a decade."

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People living with HIV or AIDS need different foods from healthy people. HIV and AIDS and the medicines people have to take can make you lose a lot of weight, feel cold all the time and get serious stomach problems. This will make you weaker and when you are weak you can more easily get serious infections. Because you easily get infections it is also very important to clean and cook food properly and to drink only clean water.