A few of Leuren's more pronounced doozies on Fukushima:

Esther Strydom….if your spelling & usage of general grammar is anything to go by, Retief Hoer Skool has certainly failed in your education???? Archive or achieve???? etc, etc…

Get out of nuclear energy as fast as possible or we're all doomed to die from radiation poisoning!

I just noticed the time. My comments cover just the inaccuracies made in the first three minutes of an eleven minute video, so I am going to have to turn the rest of the analysis and error detection over to the critical readers and viewers here on Atomic Insights. Have fun.

Every one of these alarming statements is patently untrue.

2. "They have been melting down since THIRTY minutes after the tsunami."

1. Durban Girls High
2. Pietermaritzburg Girls High
3. Westville Girls High
4. Kloof High
5. Queensburgh Girls High
6. Ladysmith High
7. Ferrum High
8. Danville Park Girls High
9. New Forest High
10. Welabasha High
11. Eshowe High
12. Northlands Girls High
13. Mariannhill S Private Independent
14. Howick High
15. Greytown High
16. Menzi High
17. Inanda Seminary Secondary
18. Limehill High
19. Mbuyiselo High
20. Mathole High

Four hundred billion neutrons per square meter? That’s trivial!

You need to document what happened with a short, factual letter (no allegations about “unprofessional, discriminatory and bullying behavior”) to the teacher and her supervisor or the principal (a person you think is fair). Ask what the teacher thinks you and she can do to help your son return to school without so much anxiety.

Note: Some people misspell Mr. Gundersen’s name as Gunderson.

My son with a 504 for Asthma and Depression recently missed a week + of school after the first few days of this school year due to flu with severe fever and pulmonary inflamation. His peers began texting that one of the teachers told his class that the students should tell “Joe” that he is currently FAILING his class for missing a whole week of classes. My son is now displaying signs of anxiety over dealing with the attitude his teachers will express once he returns. Isn’t this unprofessional, discriminatory and bullying behavior?

Arnie Gundersen going international

Top Schools in Free State, South Africa
1. Eunice Senior Secondary
2. Witteberg Senior Secondary
3. C and N H Meisieskool Oranje
4. Voortrekker Senior Secondary
5. New Horizon College Si/S
6. Sekgutlong Senior Secondary
7. Retief Combined
8. Beacon Senior Secondary
9. Jacobsdal Landbouskool
10. St Michael’s Combined
11. St Andrew’s Combined
12. Paul Erasmus Senior Secondary
13. Bothaville Senior Secondary
14. Heilbron Combined
15. Staatspres. Swart Combined
16. Wessel Maree Senior Secondary
17. St Bernards Senior Secondary
18. Mohaladitwe Senior Secondary
19. Kgethatsebo-KhetHulwasi Is
20. Tweeling Combined

Google Translation into English:

1. Hudson Park High
2. Stirling High
3. Grey Boys
4. Pearson High
5. Claredon Girls High
6. Collegiate Girls High
7. Queenstown Girls High
8. Aliwal North High
9. Victoria Girls High
10. Mpondombini Senior Secondary
11. Graeme College Boys High
12. Ugie High
13. Beaconhurst
14. Cathcart High
15. Gill College
16. Hoer Volkskool
17. Global Leadership Academy
18. Marlow Agricultural High
19. Paul Sauer High
20. Tarkastad High