Miller, Arthur. The Crucible. 1952. New York: Penguin, 1981.

Fourth was spectral evidence. Puritans believed that Satan could not take the form of any unwilling person. Therefore, if anyone saw a ghost or spirit in the form of the accused, the person in question must be a witch.

The Salem witch trials were held during the year 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts Bay Colony.

This tale of events provoked the fears of Puritans whom at the time hated and believed witchcraft to be evil, the practice of committing ill acts on the innocent, the aid of demonic spirits and conveying with Satan.

This event was the Salem Witch Trials.

The Salem Witch trials were persecutions of men and woman on account of performing witchcraft.

The Reverend Parris' house was in Salem Village and it was there that his slave Tituba, his daughter Betty, and his niece Abigail Williams first "came down with" witchcraft and accusations began.

Which of You Is a Witch?The Salem Witchcraft Trials …

I will show how politics, social acceptance and the constant fear of attacks may have escalated the pursuit and conviction of these “so called” witches. Looking at this puritan society, we may learn how small fractures in the community may be construed as an atta...

In January 1692, the Salem witch trials began and changed life ..

And she suddenly wants to fly to her "dead" mother.

But, in real life, Betty was never in any kind of deep sleep; only violent, physical fits.
both Betty and Abigail threw violent fits, not only Betty.

Also, Betty's mother was alive during this time and died 4 years after the trials.

What was the Salem Witch Trials?

Salem Witch Trials “The Crucible” Part Four ..

Comparisons to McCarthyism

The term McCarthyism will probably long endure in American politics as a synonym for "witch-hunt," for making serious but unsubstantiated charges against people in public life.

play that is based on the Salem Witchcraft Trials

Salem Witch Trials in the Crucible

Nearer to our time than to the time of the Salem witch Trials, Arthur Miller wrote a play entitled "The Crucible" which was published in book form as well.

The Salem Witchcraft Trials - Weebly

In the Court room
The accused being hanged
The Girls in the forest
"The Crucible"
The Salem witch trial memorial
The "afflicted" girls in "The Crucible"