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Terrible feature that is supposedly for safety but will lead to more accidents by drivers trying to use an unusable system while driving. The system functions poorly when on the phone, screen does not pop up indicating a turn and you often cannot hear the system. It makes not sense to disable virtually 90% of the information system while driving. How many deaths will occur with drivers pulling off the road when on the highway? –D.R.

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You drive around in a safe, highly functional car. Do you think 99.9% give a crap about your inability to use your GPS whlle you drive. If you're that friggin lost, I don't want you on the road at all! You're complaining about overriding something for your safety. You are morons. -Anon

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Even other mothers are not as controlling as Lexus. I had a 93 GS300, I had a 98 GS300 and now a 2006 GS300. This was one of the worst buying decisions ever! I am in sales and on the road all day. I have a 40k car with a nav system and I have a 400.00 Garmin with me at all times. If we make enough money to buy a Lexus, then clearly we can all walk and chew gum at the same time. It is bad enough that I can't use the nav while the car is in motion, or that I can't even speak the directions to the nav system while the car is in motion, but if I am at a red light and I begin typing an address and my light turns green, I can't even finish typing the street address before I am locked out of the system. This is dangerous and outrageous!! Isn't it bad enough that we need to "agree to the Lexus disclaimer that we will drive safely "every time we start the car?? Also, do I need my car to beep and flash icons every half of a mile to remind me to refill my windshield washer fluid?? NO- I really do not need all of these reminders that I can not disengage. If I can turn off a reminder on my cell phone, then I should have the ability to turn off the reminders in my car. Hey Lexus---- We are smart, educated consumers. Stop treating us like we are children!!! I have bought my last Lexus. I will never return. -B.S.