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In January 1999, American officials admitted what really happened during those so-called UN ("UNSCOM") weapons inspections. American officials admitted that spying on Iraq was an important part of the weapons inspection program. America had "inspectors" install spying devices while they performed their inspections in Iraq for "weapons of mass destruction," partly to gather information to locate and assassinate Saddam Hussein and key Iraqi government officials in America’s 1998 bombing campaign. It was admitted that the bombing campaign did just that and killed important people in Hussein's administration, although it failed to get Hussein himself.

Next we would find that Saddam Hussein has gone into hiding if war on Iraq is declared.

As a former member of the armed forces, and participant in the last war in the Gulf, I am still upset that we didn't "finish the job" of getting rid of that tyrant Saddam Hussein while we had an army there to finish him.

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Printer, Jr., Deterring Saddam Hussein: Between Iraq and a Hard Place, 30 S.U.

Jefferson was America’s first , but not its last. George Bush the First quite possibly , and the onus may have been on George Bush the Second to collect some bones. The theft of ’s remains would not take much daring, as he already sat in an American prison. I wonder if Osama bin Laden’s or Saddam Hussein’s skulls are in the Skull and Bones collection in 2014. As with and , Osama bin Laden was largely a creation of American foreign policy.

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I don't believe there is an Iraqi soldier that is ready to die for Saddam Hussein." [republican senator John McCain, Autumn 2002]

"If I were a betting man, which I'm not, we will be in Baghdad hopefully in the next three or four days" [Group Captain Al Lockwood, spokesman for British forces, first day of the invasion]

The more I find out about these characters the worse they seem

In 1998, Iran had come close to open warfare with the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, which also adhered to a fundamentalist – albeit Sunni – version of Islam. Because the Taliban had sheltered al-Qaeda, the organization responsible for the 9/11 attacks, the US forcibly removed it from power in 2001. Similarly, in 2003, American military forces unseated the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. In 1980, Saddam had launched an attack on Iran that set off a costly, eight-year war in which an estimated one million Iranians died. With his fall, Iraq’s Shia majority – with ties to Iran – took power.

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The prosecutor in Saddam Hussein’s trial may relyon these documents as evidence of Hussein’s participation and oversight of thecampaign against the Kurds.