Ruth Benedict and Margaret Mead met at Barnard College in 1922, ..

This publication marks a major innovation in the recording and presentation of ethnological data and may prove in the long run to be one of her most significant contributions to the science of anthropology.Studies Relevant to the "Public Good"Largely through the work of Ruth Benedict and Margaret Mead, the relevance of anthropology to problems of public policy was recognized to a degree, though somewhat belatedly.

Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict …

Radcliffe-Brown, Meyer Fortes, Victor Turner, Mary Douglas, Maurice Bloch, and others. The American school of cultural anthropology initiated by Boas features such very diverse figures as Ruth Benedict, Margaret Mead, Leslie White, Julian Steward, and Marvin Harris. The turn towards cultural interpretation in American anthropological thought produced figures such as Clifford Geertz, David Schneider, Sherry Ortner, and Marshall Sahlins, and this approach in turn has led to the critical post-modernism of such thinkers as James Clifford, George Marcus, Michael Fischer, Renato Rosaldo, and others who have importantly shaped the contemporary intellectual climate of American cultural anthropology. Bradd Shore
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