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Since the earliest days of the G.I Bill, the Federal government has been devoted to helping returning veterans find the funds they need to obtain a college education. As times have changed, so have the government’s financial aid programs for military veterans and their families. While programs continue to change with the times, the Federal resolve remains constant. These financial aid programs exist to help returning veterans define their own success at home by giving them much needed encouragement and support in their quest for a college education.

The following scholarships and tuition assistance programs are offered by the U.S. Air Force.

Before discussing the scholarships and grants that are available from the individual branches of the United States military, it is important to mention the . While not a scholarship, the G.I. Bill is one of the most successful financial assistance programs ever developed for military personnel. Since its introduction in 1944, the G.I. Bill has helped retired and active-duty military personnel to afford a college education. It is not too much to say that the G.I. Bill almost single handedly built the American middle class. Following the end of World War II, the Montgomery G.I. Bill made it possible for more American’s than ever before to pursue a college education, and to move into the professional workforce.

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The few additional scholarships available to marine corps personnel include:

Distributions from this gift will be used to provide awards to full-time cadets in good standing pursuing an undergraduate degree in a deck license option degree program. Recipients will need to provide proof of successfully completing degree program (diploma), Dynamic Positioning Induction course (DP Induction Certificate), and all requirements of the license option program (USCG License).

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Each branch of the military offers scholarships and grants for its service-members. Often these scholarship programs are subject-specific, providing the necessary funds for service-members to pursue degrees in areas that are of particular value to the military. General scholarships are also offered by many branches of the U.S. Military, either directly or through auxiliary organizations that are dedicated to the welfare of service-members and their families. Eligibility requirements for these programs will vary, depending on the military branch that supports them. Interested students should consult with their recruiting officer for information on available scholarships or grants. Active-duty personnel will want to speak to their C.O or division commander for information on educational opportunities funded by their branch of the U.S. Military.

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Scholarships and grants for veterans are supported by the Federal government, as well as by military associations, universities and private donors. After the sacrifices made by our military personnel and their families, it is only fitting they we help them to find new opportunities and greater successes here at home.

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The G.I. Bill is one of the most well known financial aid programs in the United States. It is no exaggeration to say that the introduction of the changed the face of the nation by giving returning veterans access to higher education. In many ways, the G.I. Bill built the new middle class that would become the backbone of the United States. The G.I. Bill has undergone many changes since its inception, but it continues to provide much needed financial assistance to veterans who wish to pursue a college education.

- Various scholarships. Awards are for $5,000.

For example, the trend for home schooling is growing across the country. Many parents are now choosing to remove their children from the public school system, and educate them at home. While this can offer children an intense, and highly structured, learning environment, it also isolates them from the standard pool of scholarships and grants available to public high school graduates. Recently, a number of organizations have developed scholarship programs specifically dedicated to home schooled students. The following section contains specific information on financial aid programs dedicated to home schooled students.