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She takes a sleeping potion and appears to be dead, so her parents lay her in a tomb. However, Romeo does not know about the plan, visits her grave, finds her 'dead', and kills himself. Juliet finally wakes up, finds Romeo dead, and then kills herself.

I think thay should just all play happy family's for Romeo and Juliet sake #Fights

The part of fate to the play becomes even more apparent in this scene. Fate brought Romeo and Juliet together at the Capulet ball. Fate has caused his exile from her. Fate has prevented the messenger from delivering the letter from Friar Lawrence. Now, worst of all, fate seems to have taken Juliet from him forever. It is no wonder that the romantic Romeo chooses to defy fate and join Juliet eternally in heaven.

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I think thay should just all play happy family's for Romeo and Juliet sake #Fights

Friar John, the messenger sent to Romeo with a letter from Friar Lawrence explaining that Juliet is not really dead, returns without delivering it. He is quarantined due to a fear of the plague. Friar Lawrence, alarmed that Romeo will not return in time to be present when Juliet awakes, decides to be there himself and then hide Juliet in his cell until Romeo returns.

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It is important to note the imagery of stars again in this scene. When Romeo learns of Juliet’s death, he quickly decides to kill himself and join his angel. He shakes his fist and cries, “ I defy you, stars.” Throughout the play, stars have been part of the love of Romeo and Juliet. Before attending the ball at the Capulets and meeting Juliet, Romeo has a premonition of something hanging in the stars. As he woos Juliet on the balcony, he describes her eyes as bright stars. On their wedding night, he calls the stars bright candles. Now, for Romeo, the stars have gone out; his Juliet is dead.

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This is just the basic story. There are lots of extra characters and details you can include. However, do not fall into the trap of retelling the story in your work. No GCSE task will ask you to write out the story of Romeo and Juliet, and no marker will expect you just to outline the events in the play. Instead, use the plot to support your work and ideas. Next, let's have a look at how you can do this...

This scene is a masterful one set in Mantua, where Romeo is in exile

The Capulets, meanwhile, press for Juliet to marry Paris, a cousin to the Prince. Juliet, relying again on Friar Laurence, devises a desperate plan to avoid her parent's wishes. She obtains a drug that will make her seem dead for forty-two hours; while she is in this state, Friar Laurence will send word to Romeo of the situation so that he can rescue her from her tomb. Unfortunately, fate will not be so kind; the letter from Friar Laurence is delayed. Romeo instead hears second-hand news that Juliet has died. Grief-stricken, Romeo purchases poison and hastens to Juliet's tomb to die at her side. Meanwhile, Friar Laurence has discovered to his horror that his letter did not arrive, and he means to take Juliet away until he can set things aright.

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Tybalt, Juliet's cousin, later discovers that Romeo has attended the ball, and he sets out to teach the young Montague a lesson at the point of his sword. Romeo is challenged by Tybalt, but tries to avoid a duel between them since he is now married to Juliet (making Tybalt a kinsman). Mercutio, Romeo's best friend, takes up Tybalt's challenge and is killed in the ensuing fight. Enraged, Romeo slays Tybalt in turn. As a result of this bloodshed, the Prince proclaims that Romeo is to be banished from Verona for his actions. Romeo has time to consummate the marriage and bid farewell to Juliet, though he hopes to be reunited with her once the Capulets learn that they are man and wife.