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Marrying Browning was, perhaps, du Maurier's way of escaping the confusion of these relationships. He was upright, honourable and courageous - he had been awarded a DSO for bravery during the First World War - and a commander of men in a milieu very different from her father's. A quarter of a century later, however, unsettling similarities between Gerald and Browning had surfaced: both drank too much, both had affairs and suffered from debilitating bouts of black depression, despite the polished demeanour they presented to the outside world. But even more disturbing to du Maurier were her mounting fears that her husband might mirror Maxim de Winter (a character who also bears some resemblance to her father; especially in Lawrence Olivier's portrayal of him in the film version of Rebecca).

The novel Rebecca (1938) was one of du Maurier's most successful works.

The film drama made from Daphne du Maurier’s best-selling novel, “Rebecca,” which was introduced at the Music Hall yesterday morning, is a “best movie” on a number of counts.

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REVIEW: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

Her estate, he admits, has a responsibility to the reputation of the book. Two well-received incidental novels have been authorised – Susan Hill’s Mrs de Winter and Sally Beauman’s Rebecca’s Tale. And one of Browning’s three sons, Ned, has designed a collection of Swiss-made du Maurier watches – the Maxim for men, the Rebecca for ladies – following the lead of his dapper great-grandfather, the thespian Gerald du Maurier, who launched a brand of du Maurier cork-tipped cigarettes.

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Despite a 46-year career that spanned novels, short stories, plays and biographies, du Maurier won no leading literary prizes and her books are absent from many lists of the best 100 modern novels.

How Daphne du Maurier wrote Rebecca.

It was to this house that Daphne du Maurier returned in 1937 from Egypt, where her husband, Major Tommy “Boy” Browning, commanding officer of the Second Battalion, Grenadier Guards, was stationed in Alexandria. It was in Egypt that she had sketched out the story of Rebecca; in Ferryside, she got down to serious writing, surrounded by the squalls and sails that feature in the doom-laden narrative.

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“The name Rebecca,” wrote du Maurier, “stood out black and strong, the tall and sloping R dwarfing the other letters.” Ricardo later threw herself under a train, although not, Browning says, due to his parents’ marriage. Still, it is said that Daphne was haunted by the suspicion that her husband remained attracted to Ricardo.

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In a letter to a friend, du Maurier, on the verge of publishing another novel, said that if her agent for once just “told everyone that 'this book has sold no copies, and nobody who has looked at it can understand a word’, the critics would be nice, for once”.

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She could never fully possess the house - it had been entailed to the Rashleigh family for 800 years, and still continues to be - but it possessed her, almost as if it were an elusive lover. By 1957, du Maurier had written two more novels set in Menabilly - The King's General, based on the history of the house as a Royalist stronghold during the Civil War, and My Cousin Rachel, in which it provided not only the setting, but a key part of the plot, in a story of a woman as enigmatic and compelling as Rebecca.