Roger, myself and my wife hit it off immediately

and our intention is to land at Los Angeles.
1615:36 LAX-CTR2 Alaska two sixty one L A center roger um you're cleared to Los Angeles airport via present position direct uh Santa Monica, direct Los Angeles and uh, you want lower now or what do you want to do sir?
1615:54 CAM-1 let me get let me have it.
1615:56 RDO-1 center uh Alaska two sixty one.

the tyrant you already met and the largest of the choir boys; Roger, ..

where the wind is usually right down the runway seemed a little
more reasonable.
1550:55.0 RDO-2 one one nine ninety five Alaska two sixty one.
1551:01.2 RDO-2 say again the frequency one one nine point eh ninety five?
1551:05 MZT affirm one one nine decimal ninety five.
1551:09.3 RDO-2 roger.
1551:09.9 SEA-MX ok and uh is this added fuel that you're gonna have in LA gonna be a complication or an advantage?
1551:18.1 RDO-1 well the way I'm reading it uh heavier airplanes land faster...

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Mason is a child of divorce. He and his mother and his sister move around a lot, all over Texas, a U.S. state as big as France. Mason's dad does not have custody, so has to accommodate his wife's shifts in geography over the years, sometimes driving hundreds of miles to see his children. Even though Olivia and Mason, Jr. love their kids, there are moments when they resent them, because once they had them they were locked into a particular track and had to put their kids first, always. The trick, though—and this is where Linklater the writer shows how generous and kind he is—lies in realizing that sometimes when parents think they're putting their kids first they're really responding to conditioning, or doing what their society or their gender or their parents told them was the correct thing to do.