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The "selfish gene" theory proposed by Richard Dawkins has been an influential thread in scientific and popular thinking for the past 25 years. The key concept is that any action is a supremely self- serving one on the part of the actor, devoid of motivation to serve the larger group to which the actor belongs (i.e., genes as parts of an organism).

Dear Richard Dawkins, Are You Okay?

Among his most popular books are the aforementioned The Selfish Gene , which was translated into over 20 languages; The Blind Watchmaker, winner of the Royal Society of Literature Award and the Los Angeles Times Prize in 1987; and The God Delusion, which sold over two million copies in its English language version alone.

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04/09/2012 · Richard Dawkins' first book on evolutionary biology "The Selfish Gene" was published to much acclaim and some controversy in 1976

Whilst the selfish gene theory is one of the most significant concepts of his scientific work, Dawkins is also very well-known for his openly anti-religious views and his anti-creationist stance.