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27. The experiences of migration are particularly dramatic and devastating for families and individuals: when they are illegal; when they are supported by a network of international trafficking in human beings; when they involve unaccompanied children; and when they require prolonged periods of time in places between one country and another and between the past and the future, and extended time in refugee camps or centres, where it is impossible to begin a process of establishing roots and planning for the future.

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There are indications that the current economic system is producing various kinds of social exclusion. Those who feel excluded fall into various categories. A common feature, however, is that oftentimes these "outsiders" are "invisible" in the eyes of society. The dominant culture, the media and major institutions frequently contribute to continuing — or making even worse — this systematic "invisibility". In this regard, Pope Francis asks: "Why are we accustomed to seeing decent work destroyed, countless families evicted, rural farm workers driven off the land, war waged and nature abused?" And he answers: "Because in this system man, the human person, has been removed from the centre and replaced by something else. Because idolatrous worship is devoted to money. Because indifference has been globalized" (, 28 October 2014).

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131. The following point needs to be reiterated: every person, regardless of his/her sexual orientation, ought to be respected in his/her human dignity and received with sensitivity and great care in both the Church and society. It would be desirable that dioceses devote special attention in their pastoral programmes to the accompaniment of families where a member has a homosexual tendency and of homosexual persons themselves.

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The Christian community refuses to be simply a place to go for human services; instead the Christian community is a place where families are born and where they meet and interact as they walk together in faith and share ways of growth and mutual exchange.

Reinstatement of Parental Rights State Statute Summary

70. Tenderness means to give joyfully and, in turn, to stir in another person the joy of feeling loved. Tenderness is expressed in a particular way in looking at another’s limitations in a loving way, especially when they clearly stand out. Dealing with delicacy and respect means attending to wounds and restoring hope in such a way as to revitalize trust in the other. Tenderness in family relationships is the virtue which helps people overcome the everyday conflicts within a person and in relations with others. In this regard, Pope Francis invites everyone to reflect on his words: "Do we have the courage to welcome with tenderness the difficulties and problems of those who are near to us, or do we prefer impersonal solutions, perhaps effective but devoid of the warmth of the Gospel? How much the world needs tenderness today! The patience of God, the closeness of God, the tenderness of God."(, 24 December 2014).

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24. Many are concerned about the effects of migration on the family, which, in various ways, concerns entire populations in different parts of the world. Person who are migrating require a specific pastoral care, which is given to not only families in migration but also members of the families who are left behind in their places of origin. Such care is to be done while respecting their cultures and the human and religious formation from which each comes. Today, migration is creating tragic consequences for masses of individuals and families, as if they were "a surplus" in different populations and territories. These people legitimately seek a better future and, at times, a "re-birth" in those cases where they can no longer live in the place of their birth.