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As I mentioned, how you forget someone you love will always remain one of your defining experiences. Make sure the process of forgetting someone enriches you, rather than destroying you.

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I am suffring from a break up having a relation of 6 yrs,,…he dnt cares abt me, n can liive even without talking 2 me,….he didnt call me from 25 days,….n mei ghut ghut kr mar rhi hu, bt he…..on the phone, he strted disresing me,….bt still i m talking him softly,…i thot I’ll not talk him bt,,i cnt live without him,…he is sooo bsy,..tht he nvr call me, n whn i call him.. he says wht,..whyy did u calk me???,,… he taalks me so rudly,…i alsoo talk him rudly,…bt i alwz tke d 1st step,… plz tell me how do i forget him???….m trying so much,….bt still i hopes he will call me,….i had made so many dreams vid him…wht abt thm??? Plz suggst me somthng

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The problem with all of us (including me) is we have shared love to the wrong person..! Its so strange that good girls fall in prey to bad guys and vicer versa… Advise is a free and easiest things to do, but being in pain really kills…. Oh.. “Just kills”… The brain in the morning starts with their thoughts and ends with their thoughts…. But one thing that I believe is that time is the best medicine… You believe it or not…!!! Everything is going to be okay one day…!!

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Noh il never fall for anybody else.. Because i love her now also…she is my life…But the thing is she left me few days ago because of her family…Her dad dont want her to love somebody rather want her concentrate in her studies…. And for her happiness i decided that il go away from her life…she wants to be my friend…just friends…but i know if we become friends she will be unable to move on in her life…we had a relationship of about 2.5yrs… But for her benefits i am going away from her… Dats the reason

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Well i dont knw about rest but mine is a complicated story.
My girlfrend came in my life in 2009 and we were happy until may 5 2014 and then suddenly she told me that her parents are forcing her to marry someone as she is 2 yrs older to me and is settled and m still in my final year of grads. So i thought that lets not push the relation as it doesnt have future but after some time i found that she already cheated me with her boss and she was meeting other guys as well before breakup. And yesterday i found that der is a guy who is 3 yrs older to him and is settled and she had falllen for him and she left me because of him. She still talks to me but its me who dies to talk to her. I cant forget her and i dnt wnt too but because of this i ma not able to concentrate in my studies and my xams are on July mid of this year. Unfortunatley i dont have good friends to share my grief and dont have time for any trip now…. What should i do ????
Plz Mam help me out i really need something so that i can come out of her and start my life

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I am also facing the same situation. We both are very much in love with each other but my family is against our union because he is financially not strong as us. He made me understand that marriage is not possible between us without our families consent they also love us . We have mutually decided to remain frends and move on in lyf. Its not been a 3 weeks for our breakup and my family has started looking groom for me. I am totally broken up from inside and have no one to talk with. I just feel like going to a quite place and scream and cry a lot but its not possible. My family members always talk disrespectfully bout my guy and show how other guys are richer than him. I am feeling bulk of anger towards my family and dont even feel like coming home from office. I also have started getting guilt feeling as his family was also not comfartable with our union but he made them ready and they were happy bout it……I am going thru lotzzzz of stress, anxiety and miss my guy a lot because i felt sooooo much secure and safe with him……plzzzz help me out somebody,,,,,,,i am dying from inside