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Almost everything written so far on Freemasonry and religion has fallen intoone of two categories: arguments attacking Masonry by non- or anti-Masons,and arguments defending Masonry by committed Masons.

The loss of meaning has changed the nature and overall purpose of the lottery.

A religious, military and banking order (Knights of theTemple of Solomon) founded by Crusaders in Jerusalem to defend the HolySepulchure and Christian pilgrims; a kind of Foreign Legion.

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Indeed, the symbolic meanings of many of the people and things placed throughout the narrative depict certain attitudes and beliefs about Christianity and its religious system....

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Even then, carried so farby his experience of the first three Craft degrees, and being used by thattime to the ambivalence surrounding all masonic ritual and symbolism arisingfrom the fact that the one masonic dogma is that there are no immutable truths,most fail to appreciate that they have been deliberately misled into thinking'GAOTU' is the one God of the great monotheistic religions.

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It defines as “the prescribed form of conducting a formal secular ceremony.” However if the meaning of ritual is mistaken, the consequence could be unpredictable." The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson gives us a lecture about a tortuous ritual.

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When I met the Rev Mu he told me, 'In May 1981 I knewalmost nothing about Freemasonry, but I have since come to understand thespiritual implications of this whole secret society, religion, or whateveryou may care to call it.'On 5 May 1982, before deciding finally that it would be too dangerous tobe named, he wrote to me, 'Apart from my testimony, there are two principalreasons why I have decided to contribute to your work on Freemasonry.' Heasked that I list these reasons in full in his own words:

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In terms of biblical reference those whowould practise such religion would be the last to 'see' the truth and thisis ironic but also imitative yet opposite.

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The colour symbolism ascribed to altar candle colours is , admixed with remnants of African religious symbolism: Typical sizes for colour-coded free-standing candles are 4" Altar candles, 6" Offertory candles, and 9" Jumbo candles.