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Lesley Ann, was, in the words of her mother: "A good child who always did her homework, a perfect child any mother would be proud of.'

Myra Hindley stealthily approached Lesley Ann Downey from behind, as she stood watching the waltzer and dodgems, listening to the howling sixties rock music and smiling at the excited screams of carnival revellers.

Already acquainted with Myra Hindley, Pauline Reade didn't suspect anything out of the ordinary.
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There are those who always make a point of arriving late for parties, even if they have to sit at home staring at the clock until they are fashionably two-and-a-half hours behind schedule, just as there are those who pretend to forget one's name (but it doesn't happen to me any more - I often wish it did) in order to gain a bogus advantage.

Myra Hindley, who was born in July ..

Myra Hindley briefly discusses the problem of her lost glove, and Brady joins the search.
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But not on this occasion With Myra receiving her new face, hair style and identity, the prison service announced a short statement to the press: "Myra Hindley died peacefully in her sleep."

With her death revealed to the waiting press and wider world, all that was needed was a funeral.

for killing five children with his lover Myra Hindley between ..

Late the previous night, Ian Brady had gone and collected David Smith from Myra Hindley's sister's home and taken him to 16 Walder Brook Avenue.

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It is not clear if the idea for the song Free Myra Hindley had been suggested at such time, Around August/September 1977 the song was recorded at Pathway studios in north London.

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A British court cleared the way for the book to be released in Britain, where it became available in stores on Dec. 4, but that only provided more fodder for Fleet Street's insatiable minions. British journalists leap at any opportunity to write more about their caged pet demon, now 64 and decrepit. In the '60s, when both Brady and accomplice Hindley escaped the hangman's noose by a few months because of the abolition of the death penalty in Britain, reporters clamored for blood. More recently, when Brady's appeal for the right to stop eating failed, one cheeky tabloid started a "Post a Pie to Brady" effort to "keep the evil bastard alive." Even the far more sophisticated Guardian ran a commentary by columnist Hugo Young on March 2, 2000, in which the author demanded that both Brady and Hindley rot in their cells.

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A copy of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf stood glaring out at them, as did the filthy porno mags and pictures of Myra Hindley gloating over the graves, with the puppy dog in her arms.