How do nations presently regulate the Internet?

On February 1, 1995, Senator James Exon (D-Neb.) attempted to do what had never been done before--regulate speech on the Internet. Introducing the Communications Decency Amendment (CDA), Senator Exon declared a danger to society: Barbarian pornographers are at the gate and they are using the Internet to gain access to the youth of America. Senator Exon proclaimed:

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4.57 Health Canada should regularly assess whether the procedures and guidelines, which were established to ensure timely, consistent, and high-quality review decisions, are interpreted and applied consistently by all four review bureaus. (4.54–4.56)

Captive Audiences And Content Regulation On The Internet, 15 J.

Peters, There Is a Need to Regulate Indecency on the Internet, 6 Cornell J.L.

Filtering software products(53) are availablewhich are intended to allow parents to implement theirpreferences as to content when making decisions for their ownchildren. The vast majority of the material available on theInternet is related to everyday topics, such as politics, news,sports, and shopping, but just as in the real world, there areareas of cyberspace which may contain materials that are notappropriate for children. Blocking and filtering technologies arefar more effective and far more flexible than any law. The toolsare designed to be easy to use for parents who may not be ascomputer savvy as their children.(54) TheNational Center for Missing and Exploited Children produces abrochure called ‘Child Safety on the InformationHighway.’(55) After explaining the benefitsof the Internet, it also explains the risks of the Internet forchildren:

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Public interest groups have termed the FCC rules too weak, saying the agency was swayed by big industry players and needs to forge more direct and clearer power of oversight.

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"I'd like to see political impetus for the FCC to go back and do the right thing instead of fumbling along and continuing to make bad compromises," said Matt Wood, policy director at public interest group Free Press, adding that a loss to Verizon could serve as such an impetus.

Chapter 6—Regulating Medical Devices—Health Canada

When ITU members adopted the ITRs in 1988, the Internet had not yet become a global communications, social, economic, and political phenomenon. The ITRs focused on the interconnection and interoperability of existing communication services and replaced the Telegraph Regulations and Telephone Regulations the ITU adopted in 1973. The ITRs contained general principles rather than detailed rules that formed a pragmatic, flexible framework for international cooperation.

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If illegal and harmful content on the Internet needs to beregulated then the question is: how should this be achieved?Despite the popular perception, the Internet is not a‘lawless place.’(4) Rather theInternet ‘poses a fundamental challenge for effectiveleadership and governance.’(5) Walkerstates that:

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"I don't think if the rule goes away that you're going to find people out in Silicon Valley thinking the sky is falling," said Cicconi, who had negotiated and helped draft the net neutrality rule with the FCC in what he called "a pragmatic decision" to end the years-long debate over it.