We will legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana

Now that 23 states, plus Washington, DC, have passed medical marijuana laws, the public is questioning the utility of keeping marijuana under lock and key, especially in light of the racist and propagandized basis for making it illegal in the first place.

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Marijuana is helpful in reducing neuropathic pain, improving calorie intake and muscle mass in the body, treating multiple sclerosis, generate appetite, sound sleep and reducing frequent migraines and Arthritis pain. Currently over 400,000 Americans are suffering from the disorder of Multiple sclerosis. This disease is known to affect people between 20 to 50 ages. It is a disorder that relates to debilitating central nervous system. The symptoms of this disorder include spasms, pain and loss of body function. Intake of marijuana in this case is really helpful in reducing and giving relief from the pains and spasms in the body. So, there are a good number of reasons why cannabis should be legal in our society.

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The government has its own reasons to condemn the use of marijuana. One of which, claims that marijuana can cause cancer. This is half the truth as most of the carcinogenic substance associated with smoking cannabis comes from the paper used to roll a joint. This can be avoided, if the government legalizes the production of bongs and pipes that can filter out carcinogens. Moreover, marijuana can be consumed in the form of tea which is not at all carcinogenic.
In terms of addiction, marijuana is less addictive than alcohol or nicotine. Despite this fact, cigarettes and alcohol still remain legal, whereas marijuana is falsely thought to be dangerous over health. A few of the U.S states have realized the benefits that marijuana would give to people rather than worrying about addiction. These states have legalized cannabis and they are experiencing nothing but sheer positivity in the people.

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DPA has been advocating at the state legislature for passage of a Constitutional Amendment allowing the possession, use, and sales of marijuana in New Mexico. This will increase tax revenue, generate commerce and support the agricultural economy.

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To understand how we ended up here, it is important to go back to in the United States in the early 1900’s just after the Mexican Revolution. At this time we saw an influx of immigration from Mexico into states like Texas and Louisiana. Not surprising, these new Americans brought with them their native language, culture and customs. One of these customs was the use of cannabis as a medicine and relaxant.

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That is an excellent question. Now that many politicians and the public are taking a more objective look at marijuana, many are asking about the legal history of marijuana and how it ended up in the category of drugs deemed most dangerous by the federal government (Schedule I).

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People have freedom to have legalized marijuana: as the canna have many good sides. The doctors say that there are live-saving drugs in it. Thus this must be one of the things legalized in the country. If this is not legalized then many people shall be barred from getting the requisite treatment.

legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana

We are working to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol for adults in New Jersey. New Jersey’s marijuana laws have had a disproportionate impact on communities of color. Marijuana legalization in New Jersey must be fair and equitable and must address past disproportionate harms to communities of color.