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Laura started with with Newlyn Title when they opened their doors in 1997. Moving through the ranks as bookkeeper, processor and settlement officer she has experience is every aspect of the real estate closing. She has been involved in thousands of transactions and loves details. She enjoys building relationships and helping her clients step by step through each transaction.

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In 1966, Albert Raney, Sr. listed his family's Ozark trout farm and surrounding acreage for sale with a Harrison real estate broker named O. J. Snow. For years Snow had been mulling over the idea of an Ozark park with a pioneer theme, and when he inspected the Raney property it struck him that this would make a good location. The spring which fed the trout races could be dammed or diverted as needed. The water could be used to generate electricity or run a mill. Further, geological formations on the property reminded him of places pictured in Al Capp's satirical comic strip Li'l Abner. For instance nearby Mystic Caverns, already a , could easily stand in for Dogpatch Cave where Lonesome Polecat and Hairless Joe brewed Kickapoo Joy Juice. Also on the property was a canyon deep enough to be called "bottomless" for comic strip purposes. (The 55-foot waterfall found there provides Marble Falls with its current name. Yes I know that's a pun and yes I meant it to be.) There were legitimate, historical hillbilly cabins on property all over the Ozarks that could be had for the cost of hauling them away and reconstructing them in the park.

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And as a result, Joe found himself in a position so many new investors dream of: His part-time income from wholesaling lease options surpassed his full-time J.O.B. income very quickly. His $75,000 / year job was actually starting to cost him money. So as you might imagine, he kissed his “real” full-time J.O.B. goodbye within a matter of months and hasn’t looked back since. All thanks for his quiet little discovery of wholesaling lease options.

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We understand you may have spent weeks working to find just the right property or obtaining the best financing deal. All of that effort may go unappreciated, and unrealized when unanticipated problems develop at closing. Our highly trained staff, our focus on staying ahead of the curve in ordering, reviewing and completing work, combined with our expertise across the entire transaction results in resolving most issues early on. Our aim is a smooth and pleasant closing without last minute surprises.

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Rick this is CRAZy....I've been researching various online experts selling "how-to" info on tax lien investments over the last few days...some are charging $1500 (sean higgins/tony martinez, u.s tax lien assoc), others are charging peanuts ( dustin hahn $27) and one other guy was charging a one time fee for $17....then I remembered.....I've been getting e-newsletters from you for over one YEAR now after subscribing and FORGOT about them.....you're the ONLY one who told me that it isnt as simple as buying the tax lien, collecting your interest rate and then filing foreclosure after the redepmtion expires if the lien isnt paid off to get your brand new "free and clear" property....so now that I've come back FULL CIRCLE, the universe is trying to tell me something and i'm finally listening, 395 days later.......FORM an INVESTMENT GROUP made up of a close 5-10 person inner circle of family and friends, GET RICK'S COURSE AND DOMINATE THIS NICHE WHILE THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME IN HISTORY....they're all excited, can't wait to jump start this baby...thanks for the HONESTY about the tax lien world, it made all the difference....and when we get our first check, could you show it on the video, thanx again RD, you KICK MAJOR ASS

What mortgage companies still offer 80-10-10 …

Question: If the deal is out of the state, how you you get paid from your end T/B? How do you get the T/B send you the option consideration to you, if they haven’t seen you in person and really don’t know who you are? Thanks, Tim

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Unfortunately I only rarely run across property that would be suitable for this, though I sometimes do. Most property needs to be resold to someone who can handle it or has a particular need for it, it's not really in our control what kinds we get when. So you could run the business to make extra income and wait for that "right" property to come, and keep it.