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Finally, I intend to examine some of the major American rap artists and their styles and the technology which played a major role in the evolution of rap music in the United States.According to my research all sources seem to point to the Bronx in New York City as the origin for the ‘Hip Hop’ culture.

Rap music definitely originated in America by black Americans no doubt about it.

In recent years some researchers and companies have experimented with new ways to motivate exercisers through their ears, such as a smartphone app that guides the listener's escape from zombies in a postapocalyptic world and a device that selects songs based on a runner's heart rate.

Let your body move to the music
Research on the interplay of music and exercise dates to at least 1911, when American investigator Leonard Ayres found that cyclists pedaled faster while a band was playing than when it was silent.

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It should be noted that Afrika Bambaataa (who from time to time in my unit will be referred to as Bam), who had a tremendous effect on rap music and the ‘Hip Hop’ culture and who will be discussed at length in another section of my unit, was a member and leader of the Black Spades at one time.

The Cultural Influence of Hip-Hop Music in America

Music has been since the beginning of the modern American culture and has influenced its
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Throughout the years, American seen an immense transition of both music and culture.

making was going to have as big of an impact that it holds ..

Thesis: The influences of the various musical movements of American history impacted American culture for generations upon generations of United States citizens and continue to influence the culture today.

What Kind of Impact Does Our Music Really Make on Society?

At this point in my unit I will see if it is possible to get a representative from this chapter to visit my classroom.At this point in my unit I would like to break away from talking about rap music and talk about ‘break dancing’ which evolved around rap.

What Kind of Impact Does Our Music Really Make on Society

Hip hop music is much more than the image it is given by how it effects the community, especially the black community. However, this does not change the fact that it does have a negative influence on the community and those who listen to this music as crime is still at a very high rate. These rappers are telling their stories of where they come from and is not intended to be taken literally by the listeners, but that is the effect that any kind of music has on people. Hip hop is a unique and very enjoyable style of music if it is not taken literally and has had much more of an impact on the community, especially the african american community, than what it is made out to be by society.

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The Rolling Stones
The style of the British artists sparked further interest on the music industry once more and America would once again dominate the music industry when it reached the 1970s.

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This attitude may have been true for certain rappers but I have my doubts if this attitude was a true reflection of how a majority of African-Americans felt who liked rap music.