Ramesses II (Usermaatresetepenre) 1279 - 1213 ..

The principal ones are probably the temple at Karnak, which he completed; the Rameseum, his mortuary temple, at Thebes; the temple at Luxor; and the great rock temple at Abu Simbel with four seated figures of the king on the facade.

All of us in the West are certainly richer than Pharaoh Ramesses II, ..

Stratum VIII at Megiddo contains Mycenaean sherds(Ibid., p. 11), which means it ended after 1400 BCE (ie.1350 BCE) and the subsequent (ie. on top) level VIIhad cartouches of Ramesses III and VI (1223-1173 BCE).

Egyptian Art: Types, Characteristics, History

Egyptian hieroglyphs with cartouches for the name "Ramesses II", ..

Here Armais- 5y is removed (as Ramesses I, say), afterthat, Ramesses- 68y and Amenophis- 40y are removed, asthey come after Ramesses I, and the first four Reigns,Amosis- 25y, Chebron- 13y, Amenophis- 21y and Miphris-12y are all preceding the Exodus, with Miphris here asPharaoh of the Exodus (Thutmose I in the BG), for 164,the same total necessary to account for it once again!Note also how the 68 years of 'Ramesses' is, possibly,from 2 years (Ramesses I) plus 66 years (Ramesses II)!