Use this worksheet to set your practice's quality improvement goals.

Patients and their caregivers can be an integral part of your quality improvement efforts. Surveys that gather outcomes data can help you monitor the patient experience in your practice. Summarize your results and report them to patient advisory groups, through your patient portal or by email.

CMS’ Quality Improvement Organization Program

This module provides the framework for making local changes in your practice. If you are taking on a larger quality improvement effort, try these :

ASQ Quality Improvement Institute Courses & …

Organizations that provide support to practices implementing quality improvement initiatives include:

Your quality improvement team should work together to develop a plan. Using the framework of – the plan is an experiment that will help you identify what you do not yet know about the work. A Lean A3 worksheet is a useful tool to help guide this plan. In addition, the following questions can help you formulate your plan:

Institute for Quality Improvement

Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) drive and champion improvement in our nation’s health care system. Working on behalf of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) since 1984, QIOs are an independent and objective force to help improve health care delivery, safety, and efficiency in every U.S. state and territory through a combination of:

Quality Improvement Organizations | AHQA

Involve your team in selecting the quality improvement initiative. Most good ideas for improvement come from the people doing the work, so consider the perspectives of the clinical team members as well as the clerical staff. Patient surveys can also be used to identify areas for improvement.

Oklahoma Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative - OPQIC

This activity is designed to address the following ABMS/ACGME competencies: practice-based learning and improvement, interpersonal and communications skills, professionalism, systems-based practice and also address interdisciplinary teamwork and quality improvement.

Quality Improvement - AHCA/NCAL

The people doing the work should be the ones planning and guiding the process improvement initiative. Your PDSA team should thus include representatives from all areas of your practice that will be affected by the improvement. Set expectations for the time commitment to the PDSA team early in the cycle and plan to continue working together through implementation. You may also choose to have a core quality improvement team that rotates in specialized representatives based on the initiative. Most teams work best with a maximum of 10 people. Practice members who are not on your PDSA team should receive regular updates about the initiative’s progress.

Definition of quality improvement: ..

Keeping your leaders informed will help you gain their support and could help your team obtain the resources needed to make the desired change. For larger-scale initiatives, senior-level support is essential. Communicate with leaders about the potential for improved performance measures, workflow efficiencies and/or cost savings. See the for more information about identifying a champion for your quality improvement work.