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To make it easy for you (considering that you already have a subject), you can start by describing the big picture in the introduction. There is no rule on how you should write the introduction but it is best to give them an idea – a general statement – that prepares them for the body of your reflection paper. Be sure to include your thesis statement in the introduction. It is the statement that sums up the entire essay.

In my research of Psychology and its meaning I have come up with many definitions.

In the introduction to this entry, in order to avoid making a premature commitment to the picture theory, and in accordance with definitions given by psychologists such as McKellar (1957), Richardson (1969), and Finke (1989), mental imagery was characterizedas a form of experience (i.e., as ). However, this itself is far from unproblematic. Evidence for the occurrence ofany experience is necessarily subjective and introspective, and, because of this, those who have doubts about the validity of introspection as a scientific method, may well be led to question whether there is any place for a concept such as imagery within a truly scientific world view. J.B. Watson, the influential instigator of the Behaviorist movement that dominated scientific psychology (especially in the United States) for much of the 20th century, questioned the very existence of imagery for just these sorts of reasons (Watson, 1913a, 1913b, 1928 – see ; see also: Thomas, 1989, Berman & Lyons, 2007). Although few laterBehaviorist psychologists (or their philosophical allies) expressedthemselves on the matter in quite the strong and explicit termssometimes used by Watson, the era of Behaviorist psychology ischaracterized by a marked skepticism about imagery (if not itsexistence, at least its psychological importance) amongst bothpsychologists and philosophers. Imagery did not become widelydiscussed again among scientific psychologists (or philosophers ofpsychology) until around the end of the 1960s, when Behaviorism beganto be displaced by Cognitivism as the dominant psychologicalparadigm. Most informed contemporary discussions of imagery, amongstboth philosophers and psychologists, are still very much shaped bythis recent history of skepticism about imagery (oriconophobia, as it is sometimes called), and the subsequent reaction against it.

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These psychologist believe that an individual's behavior is associated to his or her intimate feelings and their self image.

At the same time, being pounded into a state of learned helplessness and inability to think of oneself as a professional psychologist, causes burnout and excessive daydreaming about retirement or taking shortcuts to avoid punishment while suffering at not being able to truly serve children, parents, and teachers.

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The patterns of service reflect the realities of decades ago, before the roles of dozens of workers were all dumped on the psychologist,along with specialized assessment demands, all the work formerly done by pre-school teams, and hearing/vision specialists, and technology coordinators, and case managers, etc.

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It is madness, it is the outcome of a tenacious unwillingness to actually look at task analysis and the work of school psychologists,and it is a path through the large end of a funnel to the bottleneck which is the desk of psychologists with far too many hats towear, far too few tools, too many priorities all needing to be addressed at once by just one person, and a total unawareness of whatthe rest of school psychology is doing nationwide, in terms of RTI, IEP software, teamwork, self-administered tests, etc, etc.

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(The schools of course benefit when students are succeeding, which in turn generally pleases the parents and students as well, making it a pleasure to practice the profession as it was meant to be.) Why not enable school psychologists to give these parents the same serviceswe'd want for our own children, at a level of quality as well as responsiveness, facilitated by having a rational assessment/staffing model reflecting thiscentury's realities, as is the case in the rest of the country?

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"School psychology" apparently is defined in NYC in terms of clerical/administrative/case management in addition to productivity standards based on decades old levelsof caseloads and staffing and ignoring currently massive testing and administrative work loads as well as increasing time spent preparing for legal proceedings, doing endless paperwork, and jumping through administrative hoops to reach dead ends.