There is no single intervention for all children with autism, ..

The First Steps to Providing Services for Students with Autism When a child with Autism enters elementary school he/she may have already been diagnosed with the disorder and would be eligible for special education services at the school district.

Some autistic children are delayed in their use of language and ..

Information from Autism-Community, 2010 What might be seen on the IEP for a Student with Autism?

Accommodations & Modifications Placement Options Related Services -Placement Options
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-Accommodations & Modifications A student's placement is based upon his/her academic achievement level and level of functioning.

Teaching children on the autism ..

While this video focuses on children with Asperger's, a lot of the characteristics can be applied to Autism too.

Through specialized instruction and supports, students with Autism should be able to successfully access the curriculum.

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires 95% of school children be full participants in state and district testing.

10 Downsides Kids With Autism Get From Bullying …

IDEA '04 Definition:
"Autism is a developmental disability significantly affecting verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction, generally evident before age 3, that adversely affects a child's educational performance.

My Aspergers Child: How to Discipline Aspergers Children

This begins with a sensory evaluation, and then research-based strategies are used to plan an individualized program for the child.
This therapy matches sensory stimulation with physical movement to improve how the brain processes and organizes sensory information."

(Autism Speaks, 2012) "Speech-Language Pathologists use a variety of techniques to address a range of challenges for children with autism.

Growth and Development, Ages 2 to 5 Years-What to …

For those who talk constantly about a certain topic, the therapist might work on expanding the conversational skills, or reading social cues and adjusting conversation to the needs of the listener."

(Autism Speaks, 2012) The accommodations and modifications for a student with autism will vary significantly depending on the severity and characteristics that the child possesses.