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The Project Planning Phase is the second phase in the project life cycle. It involves creating of a set of plans to help guide your team through the execution and closure phases of the project.

A more detailed description of the MPMM Project Management Methodology and Life Cycle follows:

"If I spend an extra 10 minutes on each email to ensure it has the standard layout, font etc. is it going to significantly improve the quality of the project deliverables?"

15. Communication Planning | Project Management

Usually the major communications needs will be obvious; functional managers need to know information related to their employees on your project, such as schedules and time accountability. The project sponsor and key stakeholders need information on the project status, finances, and any variances in cost and time. You'll need to work with your project team and the stakeholders to determine the more involved communication demands.

Effective Project Communication Management : ..

An effective Project Manager spends most of her/his time in Communication. According to the PMBOK guide, a Project Manager spends 70-90% of her/his time in communication during a project. Communication Management needs to be planned during the beginning of the project. Communication Planning involves determining the information and communication needs of the stakeholders;

Communication Planning involves ..

Similarly, the Project Manager must provide details to the team and the Stakeholders regarding the communications he/she expects to receive, and document these requirements in the plan.

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Set up an Escalation Procedure for rapid communication with upper management when a project begins to run over cost or schedule, or rapid decisions need to be made in response to internal or external changes. This escalation should determine which level of upper management to contact depending on the degree of variance from the project plan. Some communications can be accomplished in a quick email. Others require an extensive spreadsheet, report, and executive summaries. Some communication is expected in quick, ad-hoc meetings, while other needs may mean business suits and, PowerPoint slideshows. The point is simple: Give stakeholders the information they need in the modality they'll be expecting.

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The goal of Project Communications Management is to ensure timely and appropriate collection, storage, distribution and generation of project information. Communication is so important on projects that it is an integral part of a successful project . Every project should include a communication management plan - a document that guides projects communications. This plan should be part of overall project plan. The type of communication will vary with the needs of the project.

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A Communication Process, or Communications Management Process, is a set of steps that needs to be adopted for every project in an organization. A Communications Process can be undertaken as part of Communications Management and it helps to ensure that the stakeholders are kept regularly informed. For example, as part of the project life cycle, the team implements a Communication Process to make sure that the entire team is kept informed on the status of the project.