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Thus,I desire both the animal's heart and the fish's blood, should therebe any persons found who would attempt to present me with them forthe sake of love. The three crowds are my friends: The first arethose who make a reasonable use of the world; the second are thosewho give up what they have in humble obedience; the third are thosewho are prepared to die for God.”

LAMPREYWhen the fire grows too unreasonable hot, there's no better waythan to take off the wood.
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In the United States, democracy constantly leads new men to the leadership of public affairs; so the government has little coherence and order in its measures. But the general principles of government there are more stable than in many other countries, and the principal opinions that rule society are more lasting. When an idea, whether sound or unreasonable, takes hold of the mind of the American people, nothing is more difficult than to eradicate it.

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“A Reasonable Use of the Unreasonable” 13: Reading and Writing about Graphic Fiction
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Therefore,I swear by that God who has no beginning and who lives without end,and affirm with certainty that, unless he returns to the holy churchsoon and spends nine hours with her and only the tenth with thehousemaid, that is, with the world - not by loving it but bypossessing the wealth and honor of his episcopal office withreluctance, and arranging everything in humility and reasonably forthe glory of God - then the spiritual wound in his soul will be asgrave as - to make a physical comparison - the wound of a man struckso horribly on his head that his whole body is destroyed down to thesoles of his feet, with his veins and muscles bursting, and his bonesgetting shattered and the marrow flowing out terribly in alldirections.

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Butthis Law is now rejected and despised by the world. For they say thatthe Law is narrow, heavy, and ugly. They say it is narrow, for theLaw orders one to be satisfied with the necessary and to flee thesuperfluous. But they want to have all things without reason likesenseless cattle and above the necessity of the body, and that is whythe Law is too narrow for them. Second, they say it is heavy, becausethe Law says that one should have enjoyment with reasonabletemperance and at established times. But they want to fulfill theirlust more than what is good and more than what is established. Third,they say it is unsightly, because the Law bids them to love humilityand to accredit every good to God. But they want to be proud andexalt themselves for the good things that God has given them, andthat is why the Law seems ugly and vain to them.

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Thefirst leaf is your nobleness, which is so great that my angels, whoare noble before me, when seeing and considering your nobleness, sawthat it was above them and more eminent than their holiness andnobleness. You are therefore higher than the angels. The second leafis your mercy, which was so great that you, when you saw the miseryof all the souls, had compassion over them and suffered the greatesttorment at my death. The angels are full of mercy, and yet they neverendure sorrow or pain, but you, my loving Mother, were merciful tothe wretched when you felt all the sorrow and torment of my death,and you wanted to suffer torment for the sake of mercy rather thanbeing separated from it. Therefore, your mercy surpassed the mercy ofall the angels. The third leaf is your loving kindness. The angelsare loving and kind and want good for everyone, but you, my dearestMother, had before your death a will like an angel in your soul andbody and did good to everyone. And still you do not refuse anyone whoreasonably prays for his own good. Therefore, your kindness is higherand greater than the angels. The fourth leaf is your beauty. Theangels behold the beauty of each other and wonder over the beauty ofall souls and all bodies, but they see that the beauty of your soulis above all that is created and that the nobleness of your bodysurpasses all created beings. And so, your beauty surpassed all theangels and everything created. The fifth leaf was your divine joy,for nothing pleased you but God, just as nothing but God delights theangels. Each and every one of them knows and knew his own joy inhimself, but when they saw the joy in you to God, they beheld intheir conscience how their joy flamed up in them like a light in thelove of God. They saw that your joy was like a flaming bonfire,burning with the hottest fire, with flames so high that it came nearto my Divinity. And for this reason, my most sweet Mother, yourdivine joy burned well above all the choirs of angels. Since thisflower had these five leaves, namely, nobleness, mercy, lovingkindness, beauty, and the highest joy in God, it was full of allsweetness.